ICAD Recap: Week 1

Last week I posted about the Index Card A Day project and I’m excited to say that I can show you my first seven cards from the beginning week of the challenge.

1) “Glittering Goals”; I already shared this one with you. It represents optimism and beginnings 2) “Mini Mission”; I mentioned that this was also part of the mini mission for Secret Agent L, I left it in the Panera Bread bathroom 3) “Nannie”; in honor of what would have been my grandmother’s 88th birthday 4) “Getting Ready”; getting so excited for my trip to Utah 5) “Roots”; the day I went to the park 6) “Street Art”; representing the Spread The Love project I did with Miki 7) “Getting Organized”; me, Bug, preparations

Go check out Daisy Yellow’s site in the all about ICAD portion. 🙂