Share Something Positive | Uncustomary Art

There’s been a lot of negativity lately, and quite honestly there should be. But my mission in life is to be the optimistic, wholehearted, restoration in humanity and I’d like to do something positive for my city. And to do that, I need your help.

What I need from you is a positive sentence. It can be about hope, love, or optimism. It can be about Baltimore or humanity in general. It can be about kindness. It can be a wish. All I ask is that it is positive and that you keep it under 110 characters. If you need to double check, use Letter Count.

Please write your sentence below in the comments, or share it on Facebook. After it you can share your name in parentheses, or choose to remain anonymous. And no, your name does not count towards the 110 character limit.


“Baltimore is beautiful, and I will never lose hope.” (Mary)
“Kindness is key for humanity.” (Mary)
“Life is amazing because of sandwiches, costume jewelry, + forehead kisses.” (Mary)

I will share this project as soon as its finished, but just trust me. I thank you all in advance for your participation. And please share this post around so we get as many responses as possible!