Today digital technology actively develops worldwide, inevitably leading to changes in people’s everyday lives. The emergence of personal computers, telephones, and the World Wide Web has completely changed how people live. Now it’s unnecessary to go out of the house to meet with your friends because you can communicate with your family and friends via video. Undoubtedly, this option dramatically simplifies the lives of many people far away from each other. Yet, we can highlight some negative aspects related to digital development. They result from the fact that people now leave their homes much less often for walks and even travel (you can read more about this here:, where many people can find friends and even soulmates. Now there are new questions: what does digital life mean, and how can you get acquainted and win other people’s attention? That’s what today’s article will focus on.

New Ways Of Communicating And Meeting New People

Social media is a great tool you can use to meet new people. Registering on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok lets you open a new chapter. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a personal blog or want to become a successful blogger because each option can be used to communicate. All you have to do is find the courage to write to someone you’ve always wanted to connect with.

Another option for making friends online is to use specially created sites. It is essential to formulate for yourself what you want to get out of this acquaintance. Most often, people have the following goals:

  • expand your circle of friends;
  • cooperate with people who have similar interests;
  • find someone to date.

Studying the contact’s profile carefully is recommended to ensure they evoke pleasant feelings in you. Your interests must be the same. For example, a woman may look for intellectual companionship, while a man may look for a sexual partner. In that case, you should not start communicating because two people do not fit together at the first stage. It is doubtful that one of them will give in to their desires in the future. 

Ways To Make A Lasting Impression

Of course, you want to leave only a pleasant impression after meeting new people. It is straightforward for those who know how to communicate with others properly. The table below details how to make a lasting impression in person and when communicating on social networks.

Learn about the other person’s interestsOne of the basic methods that many psychologists use outside of their work when communicating with others is simple interest in the person they are talking to. The more you show attention to the other person, the better impression you will make. It is important to do this as naturally as possible so that the other person does not get the feeling that your interest is faked.
Listen moreThe ability to hear the other person is something that many people lack in the modern world. That is why it is so valued by society. It shows that this is a well-mannered and decent person in front of you. You should not interrupt the interlocutor, it is always important to let him/her finish the thought. Even if you have an urgent question, try to put it off a little.
Discuss things that are important to the other personSome people stop communicating very quickly after meeting each other because their interests do not match. For example, one person is interested in outdoor activities, while the other prefers the comfort of home. It is difficult for them to determine how to hold a joint meeting because someone will have to sacrifice his or her favorite occupation. Many psychologists recommend in such cases choosing activities that combine both recreation and entertainment. 
Give people little treatsSmall gifts are not a waste of time but a kind of gesture to the person. A bar of chocolate or just a compliment that your companion looks good will make the other person think well of you. Buying a small thing related to the person’s interests will be a particularly great solution. In this way, you will show your regard.

Another important tip is to smile. Sincere joy and positive emotions displayed on your face will help others think only good things about you. It is essential to avoid arguments as it is possible to lose all your credibility and respect in the eyes of the other person. 

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How To Gain The Trust Of Others

Human digital age capital is simply priceless. Much effort and time have been expended to create communication means that exist today. Smartphones (read about them at: have become a new age face making communication convenient and easy. Many people wonder how they can gain the trust of their interlocutors. The answer is straightforward. It is necessary to adhere to the following basics:

  • Admit your mistakes quickly and sincerely;
  • Be friendly;
  • Seek common points;
  • Do not force your point of view on others;
  • Be willing to embrace your interlocutor’s views;
  • Share your experiences.

These simple rules will help you to make a good impression and win the interest of your interlocutor.