Do you ever wonder why things are moving very slowly, feel stagnant, or aren’t progressing the way that you want them to?

How You Show Up For One Thing Is How You Show Up For Everything | Uncustomary

I recently had a very humbling experience that shook me to my core. It made me realize that I can say over and over what my ultimate purpose, passion, and mission on this earth is, but if I’m not showing up that way in every area of my life, I’m not actually going to have that affect the way I want to or see those rewards in any way for myself or others.

What I mean by this is that your values need to be in true alignment with your words, beliefs, and actions. You can’t say you want something and do the opposite, even in one specific area of your life. You can’t say you want to be a healer as a profession and then be passive aggressive in your personal interactions and spew toxicity with your words.

The way you show up for one thing is the way you show up for everything. Athletes say you practice like you play. How can you apply this to life? We can say it’s one thing to say off color jokes to friends or behind closed doors as long as it’s not online or in the public eye because we need to ‘blow off steam’, but doesn’t that just mean we don’t want people to know something we’re really thinking deep down?

That doesn’t mean your entire life needs to be online, obviously, I’m just suggesting that if you’re making excuses for why you can do something that feels icky to you that you wouldn’t do with someone else, why is that? Does it feel like you’re really hiding it from the public or a specific person or are you actually trying to hide it from your higher self and the person you ultimately want to be?

Once I acknowledged what I wasn’t doing in alignment with my true self, talked to my therapist, apologized, had a full break down, began to forgive myself, and start to act in alignment, things immediately began to shift. And I mean *immediately*. The two huge things in my life that had felt out of whack with a snap of a finger bloomed with abundance overnight, and I didn’t even need to wait that long.

That’s how quickly things can happen. So I ask you to check in with yourself about this same thing. If you want help doing this, I can work with you. Talk to me about working 1:1 with coaching. Sending you love and a wonderful day.

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