How, Where, And Why You Need To Plan A Romantic Getaway | Uncustomary

Engaging in some romance is healthy for any relationship, and it can be tough to make time for when there are other pressing issues in day to day life. Some couples make having romantic getaways a regular calendar item whether it’s date night once a week or an annual vacation abroad. Others are lucky if they get to see their partners for a few hours each week.

Unless you have an epiphany, you might not really know how, where, or why you need a romantic getaway. Here are some tips for planning this special time for you and your partner, and you’ll learn why first.

Why You Need A Romantic Getaway

How, Where, And Why You Need To Plan A Romantic Getaway | Uncustomary

For those who claim to be unromantic, it might be difficult to identify why and when a getaway is needed. First, you don’t really need an excuse to have some couply time, but some indicators point in the direction of putting your vacation-planning hat on.

If you rarely see your partner, start planning now. It’s easier for couples to drift apart if you’re not actively spending time together. Planning a getaway is an intentional way to reignite feelings and remind each other why you fell in love in the first place. This goes for couples who are working opposite shifts or are in long distance relationships.

Maybe you see your partner often, but are you getting real intentional time to build your relationship or are you going through the motions? Getting caught up in the flow of work, paying bills, and keeping house can take the romance out of a relationship. If you’re both able to take time off work, create that intentional space to invest in your relationship.

Basically, if you feel like you need that time, take it! You might have that standing date night and want to make a different type of memory together. Regardless of your situation, it really doesn’t matter in the end why you need a romantic getaway.

How You Plan A Romantic Getaway

How, Where, And Why You Need To Plan A Romantic Getaway | Uncustomary

Now that you’ve established you are getting away, here are some tips to make sure it’s something you’ll both remember. First and foremost, you must keep in mind that this romantic getaway is not for you or your partner, it is for you both. As the planner, you may be planning it as a gift for your partner, but you should make sure it’s time you’ll enjoy also.

Discuss what type of location you want your getaway to take place in. This can be on an island, a road trip, or a staycation in a swanky local hotel. You can travel thousands of miles or only a few. Romance is where you want it to be. It’s an excellent opportunity to take advantage of local offerings or to explore a new country you’ve always wanted to visit together.

Next, talk about what your idea of romance is as a couple. What type of experience should you go after together to reconnect? This is your chance to talk about activities to enjoy, like ziplining or a dinner cruise. Perhaps you’re more of an adventurous couple or prefer to indulge in luxury for your romantic time.

Where to Plan A Romantic Getaway

How, Where, And Why You Need To Plan A Romantic Getaway | Uncustomary

Alright, you have a reason, or maybe not since you don’t NEED one, and you have discussed what type of romantic getaway is ideal for you as a couple. Now, figuring out where to have your romantic getaway is the next topic of conversation.

If you’re all about luxury, relaxation, and some a classic romantic setting, you might want a resort that can provide the best beach vacation you could ever dream of. Some resorts excel in delivering the ultimate romantic getaway for couples that include private pools, spa treatments, and all you can eat and drink when you’re on the premises. All-inclusive resorts sound like the place for you!

For a truly exclusive experience, consider renting a private island, where you can enjoy uninterrupted time together in a secluded paradise, tailored just for you. Find private islands for rent.

When it comes to accommodations, there are some really excellent finds on sites like and Airbnb. If you’re a traveler, you can stay in the city center with easy access to all the places that the city has to offer. For example, you might dream of kissing atop the Eiffel Tower, so why not book a room that includes a view of it as well.


Perhaps you are part of a couple that is most comfortable at home. That’s great! Staycations are growing in popularity to save money. Some couples are more intimate in a relaxed setting, and your home can be just that for you. Go grocery shopping to stock up on ingredients to make your own 5-star meal at home, book a masseuse to come to your house, or buy some scented candles to have a romantic bath alone by candlelight. You can also decorate your place with heart shaped balloons and fairy lights. You really can’t go wrong unless your idea of comfort and romanticism doesn’t involve staying home with your partner.