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Being organized helps us to be more productive, feeling as though we aren’t on top of things that can bring us down mentally and physically. Double Booking ourselves, not only wastes time for us but waste time for other people as well. And being able to look at the diary that is up-to-date and not have to worry about clashing or apologizing to people for making a mistake can take a weight off your mind. Not only that but it gives you a sense of achievement that can only be gained from being organized and on time for things. Being organized, and making sure that you are on time for events, can be essential for success in many fields. Keeping people waiting for meetings or not turning up with the right equipment can put you at a disadvantage especially where colleagues or customer opinion counts. Being organized with your finances can also make a huge difference in your life. Knowing what is coming and going out of your bank account at any point is something that everybody should know. Surprise bills can then be dealt with effectively when you know where you are.


When you think about relaxation, technology, and mobile devices may not be the first thing that comes into your mind. It may not be the first thing that comes into your mind, but it is something that is becoming much more common with mobile and digital users. The Internet creates fantastic opportunities, for people with knowledge to share that with others. For example, yoga teachers such as ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ Can reach people that may never have heard of them otherwise. YouTube is full of people sharing knowledge and helping others with relaxation and exercise. Not knowing exactly what to do when it comes to relaxation isn’t a big problem, however having some help from other people and finding out what your options are are helpful and can put you on the right path when it comes to relaxation. There are many people who are passionate about relaxation, such as those who have suffered from mental health issues themselves and want to share the knowledge and information they have found to make themselves better. There is no excuse for not knowing something in 2020, with communities and information at your fingertips, you can find information and apps that will help you through breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and everything in between.


Entertainment comes in all forms, there are theatre shows, films, music, and a whole range of things for us to experience and enjoy. Making sure that you are taking time for “play“ rather than working non-stop, can certainly improve your life dramatically. Many of us forget to take time for entertainment, and this is only damaging to ourselves. At the end of the day as long as you are taking time for yourself, and relaxing, you should feel good about yourself. Ultimately entertainment is personal for each individual. But having a Spotify playlist that suits your mood, and your own individual choices can enhance your life dramatically. It is well known that taking part in activities that you enjoy is great for our mental health, so working out what we enjoy, and doing more of that Is something that we can all do to enjoy our lives more.


Positive interaction with people we like love or admire is wonderful for improving our mood. Having a conversation with our relatives about their day, friends about their work and possibly even children about their schoolwork can greatly improve our relationships. Using a mobile phone with pay as you go Sim or monthly contract, can be very useful in this communication. We are also very busy, and many of us forget to take time to contact people we love, but it is essential. With technology we are able to use video calling, text messages, send photos via apps such as WhatsApp, plus a whole range of other options. Ultimately having an open line of communication with people that we enjoy communicating with, is a positive thing, so make sure that you are actively making time for this, where do you live with these people or not. Technology is there to help us with many aspects of our lives, and communication is of course up there with some of the most important ways.

Earn money

We will need to earn money to make a living, the bills add up, and we quite often need to make headway on paying an unexpected charge, or even to say for a holiday, whatever it is, it’s always good to have enough money coming in. So using technology to ensure that your nest egg grows, all your maintenance bills are covered, is something that we would all appreciate. There are now thousands and thousands of people that are in an income just via their mobile phones and laptops, creating a business from scratch isn’t easy, but it is much easier than it’s ever been. Making sure that you have a certain amount of security is essential. Especially if you have children. So logging into your electronic devices to create content, communicate with customers or employees, or even search for new opportunities during the day is one way in which technology can help you in money. There are many other opportunities to earn money such as creating apps or becoming a professional gamer. The world is your oyster in 2020, and this is something that many people are now realizing. Another way you can earn money via technology is to become an influencer. Those YouTube videos and TikTok accounts can and do bring in a healthy amount of money for many people. So don’t dismiss it as an idea without doing some research first


Education doesn’t stop the minute you leave school. There are plenty of people who have started brand-new careers, or a new interest once they have left school. There are online courses, distance learning opportunities and a whole world of opportunity waiting for you if you choose to take the plunge. What this means is that you can have plenty of education added to your CV, even through distance learning. The Open University, for example, is one way that many people choose to learn on the go. Logging on to the Internet and knowing exactly what other people do via tutorials, and opinion pieces, can help you in your own career, or quest for learning. I’m not only does learning to bring your opportunities, but it can increase your self-esteem and confidence dramatically as well. And who doesn’t need that?


Davenham is a pastime that most of us would love to do tomorrow. So many people decide to take a gap year after finishing college or university for example and technology has revolutionized the travel landscape. Changing the travel landscape has been something of phenomena over the last decade. We no longer need to sit in an office to arrange our travel, we can do so directly through airlines and Airbnb and companies like them open up a whole world of opportunities when it comes to accommodation as well. There are many people around the world traveling and enjoying their time, whilst also staying connected with friends and family back home. This is my possible fire mobile data and Wi-Fi available in most places now. This creates opportunity, keeps connections in place, and improves a significant amount of people’s lives Travel adventures. Not only that, but the shared knowledge of people who have traveled before you to your desired destination, and being able to read the news about local areas, can really help you to understand exactly what people need to do. Not only due to a need to stay safe but to make the most out of the journey.

Ultimately whether it’s for relaxation, work, fun, or traveling, technology certainly makes a dent in all aspects of life. And if used correctly technology can improve our lives significantly. Just using it intentionally, and making sure that everything is done with confidence and understanding, should ensure that you don’t fall into any common traps when using technology.