How To Stay Sane During This Covid19 Lockdown | Uncustomary

2020 seemed to be shaping up to be quite a good year for many people though the first few months. However, with the unknowns of the Covid19 virus spreading throughout the world, many people have found themselves in an entirely new, and unexpected situation: staying at home.

Entire countries have introduced safety measures to help social distance their populations until more can be known.  And even with new, positive studies shedding light on this new strain of coronavirus, that doesn’t mean everyone is stepping back into life as normal; in fact, most people are still staying home unless absolutely necessary.

Problems With Sheltering in Place

This has created entirely new situations for many, and although they are not unexpected, they are anxious, bored, and struggling to find ways to stay productive and calm. Luckily, there are many things you can try to help focus your busy mind to something that may be a bit more soothing than worrying about current events.

Seek Professional Support if Needed

First off, before going into details about ways to start new hobbies or try new cooking techniques, you should be aware that you are not alone in feeling frustrated, frightened, angry, or anything else during this all. But if you truly are out of sorts, feeling depressed, overwhelmingly anxious, or unable to focus due to fear- there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help.

Ways to Refocus Your Energy

If you have been experiencing stress, insomnia, and a ‘muddy’ mind though this all, you aren’t the only one. This is actually a natural reaction to a stressful situation, but few of us experience for such a long period of time, creating a very new, and uneasy situation. Self- care is truly important to help you cope, but be aware that challenging your mind and making things as normal as possible can help you get to feeling better more quickly if you are up to the challenge.

Start a New Hobby

Take advantage of online tutorials and pick up a new hobby you have always wanted to try. Sculpture, painting, and even wood working are all skills people talk about starting but struggle to find the time. Many sources provide helpful information concerning how to get started, such as what medium is best to shape for pottery, or where to find highly rated wood for wood burning art.

Read a Book Series

There are many excellent book series out there that you can easily download and get started on. In fact, many book stores offer discounts for early books in series to help get you hooked! Take a look at best seller lists that include series, or take advantage and read the original story lines of popular television seasons!

Research and Plan a Vacation

Break out a notebook and start making a list of places to visit. Once life resumes as normal (and it will eventually), you can look forward to booking an amazing vacation you planned in advance. This is a great way to get a family involved as well and assign tasks to discover road trip routes and awesome attractions. Or perhaps you decide to research the history of a place you have always wanted to discover!

Learn to Cook or Bake Something New

This is always a great time to take advantage of not having late nights to cook or bake something new. It also provides the perfect opportunity to learn how to use a new kitchen appliance, or one you may have had for some time but never truly got the hang of. Instant pressure cookers and air fryers have become incredibly popular but have a slight learning curve for success.

Explore a National Park, Museum, or Zoo Online

With all the shut-downs worldwide, many public (and quite a few private) spaces have gotten very creative in how they share their attractions. Online tours and daily lives have become a popular way to showcase beautiful sites, artistic masterpieces, and funny animal antics. These are wonderful learning experiences for both adults and children alike.

Social Zoom Meetings

Missing happy hours with your friends, evening cocktails with business partners, or family dinners? Why not set up an online group Zoom where everyone can gather via live streaming and chat and talk about the things that make you happy. Having social contact of any sort is a healthy way to express yourself and increase feel good endorphins.

Start an Exercise Challenge

Last, but certainly not least as this list could go on and on- start an exercise challenge. Don’t worry about the scale, rather work on feeling good physically. Set a goal for yourself, or with friends, and work towards it. Wanting to lengthen your running time, tone up your abs, or simply get moving each day in a purposeful manner? This is a great time to start!