Calm and relaxed are not two words that typically come to mind when discussing airports as these can be highly stressful, busy and chaotic places to spend time. There is often a large number of people quickly trying check in, get through security, get to the departure lounge and finally board the plane – even the most experienced flyers can find this all a bit much, but it is much worse for those that fear flying or first-time flyers. Although airports can be stressful environments, there are a few tips that you can follow which can help you to stay calm and relaxed the next time you have to catch a flight.

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First, you need to be well prepared in advance of visiting the airport. This will involve having your bags packed, having a copy of your boarding pass along with a photograph (as well as a photo of your luggage), having your passport and having a plan to get to the airport. If possible, check in online to save time and hassle.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

You should also give yourself plenty of time to get through the airport so that you are not in a rush. The queues can be lengthy so allow time for this and for the time that you can relax in the departure lounge.

Comfortable & Practical Clothing

In order to stay calm and relaxed, you will need to feel comfortable so carefully think about what clothing you want to wear – some people like to have a change of clothes for the flight. You are more likely to get upgraded if you look smart and presentable, but keep comfort in mind and avoid wearing too many accessories/metal items which will set off the detectors.

Enjoy The Departure Lounge

Once you get through to the departure lounge, try to find something enjoyable to do to keep you occupied (it can be a lengthy wait). This could include going for a nice meal, having a few drinks or doing some shopping, or even reading how planes evolved over it’s invention. Just make sure that you keep a look out for updates on your flight and allow yourself time to reach the boarding gate.


It is also helpful to have something to keep you entertained if you end up sitting around for a while, such as having a book, a tablet or some music. Flight delays do occur and can create more stress so you will want to be prepared in case this happens. If your flight is delayed or canceled, you can claim compensation through a company like – knowing this can help to reduce stress even if your travel plans are altered.

Airports can be highly stressful places particularly if you are a new or nervous flyer. These tips should help you to stay calm and relaxed the next time that you have a flight to catch while allowing you to get through the airport smoothly and quickly. The main step to think about is preparing yourself and making sure that you have everything that you need readily available at all times.