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Do you find yourself on a constant cycle of work, sleep, repeat? If so, you will know that living in this way leaves very little time for enjoying yourself and taking care of your needs. It is so easy to get into the habit of working so hard there is very little time for anything else in your life. When you are putting all your time and energy into work, you are left with limited options to use the spare time you do have. Your weekends may be spent catching up on chores and running errands that you couldn’t fit into your weekday schedule. When your life is this busy, it can take away the time you need for activities that bring you happiness and enrich your life.

The issue that many people face is that society makes you feel like you should conform to putting in extra hours at work every day and missing your annual leave to help you get ahead in your career. Some people also feel that taking time for themselves is selfish, which creates a stigma around self-care and proliferates the idea that work comes first, always. But working too much and taking on too many commitments can be harmful to your health and wellbeing. Working loads of hours doesn’t mean you will get more work done either. Research shows that taking regular breaks makes you far more productive and makes you feel less stressed. So, if you feel overwhelmed by always having too much to do and not enough time to do it, it could be time to start simplifying your life. Here are some tips to help you make life easier for yourself and make more time for self-care:

Set Boundaries at Work

If you are putting in loads of overtime but are not completing much work, it may be time to reassess your situation. Spending hours at work but not making progress with your to-do list can be incredibly demoralizing and harm your motivation. If you have noticed your productivity levels are stalling, it may be because you have burnt yourself out by spending too much time at work and putting yourself under too much pressure.

Depending on your job, your results may not be driven by how much time you spend at work but by how you use the time you are there. Maximizing the time you spend on tasks during regular office hours should see your productivity levels rise and the amount of time you spend in the office each day decrease. Setting yourself timescales for your tasks to stick to throughout the day should prevent you from working on the same project way past hometime. Allocating timescales provides you with a clear plan for your day and can help you tackle your work with a new sense of purpose. Knowing that you have your workload under control and can look forward to an evening spent relaxing is an excellent incentive to stay productive during the day. This should help you regain your work-life balance and increase your spare time to spend on yourself.

Free Up Your Time

Spending your free time running errands and completing chores is not something many people enjoy. If you are looking for ways to save your free time, simplifying your life is definitely the way to go. 

If shopping eats into a lot of your spare time, why not order online instead? Online ordering takes away the hassle of driving to the store, finding a parking space, shopping, and then queueing to pay. As you can order online anytime, you can do it when it suits your schedule. You could also make the most of an online pharmacy service to order your medication with minimal hassle and ensure you have it when you need it. 

Another excellent way to protect your free time is to stop over-committing. If an opportunity comes along that excites you, and you want to do it, that is great. But, it is crucial to remember that you don’t need to say yes to every request. Many people feel obliged to say yes to everything, which can leave you feeling stressed and spreading your time too thinly. If you always say yes, even when you would rather say no, it could be helpful to change this. When you agree to everyone’s requests for your time and attention, it can zap your energy and make you feel frustrated with yourself and resentful toward them. Learning to say no and not needing to launch into a lengthy explanation why you are refusing may be hard at first. But, if you keep saying no, it does get easier over time. Remembering that you are in control of your time and how you spend it is your choice. Once you get used to saying no without justifying your choices, it should help you move beyond pleasing everybody else and putting your needs last.

How To Simplify Your Life And Make More Time For Self-Care | Uncustomary

Make Self-Care Part of Your Routine

People often think of self-care as an indulgent activity, but this is not true at all. Taking care of yourself is vital if you are going to keep being fabulous every day and want to protect your wellbeing. Self-care does not need to be all about spa days and pamper sessions (unless you want it to be!) self-care is about doing the things that fill you with joy every day and creating a life you love. Filling your life with experiences that enrich you and bring you happiness is a massive part of self-care. This means that one person’s idea of self-care can be very different from another’s, making it even more crucial to do what you love and simplify your life to suit your needs.

Prioritizing the aspects of your life that make you happy and nurture you will make simplifying your life easy. When you begin living your life on your own terms, everything else starts to fall into place, which helps to keep things simple and allows plenty of time for self-care.