Confidence is one of those funny traits that takes years to build up and only seconds to tear down. This confidence hit can occur for a variety of reasons – because a friend betrayed you, because you experienced some form of rejection, and even because you were the victim in an accident. Whether said accident was your fault or not, the effect is the same. Serious injuries cause us to lose confidence in our invincibility. Feeling too mortal is just as bad as not taking enough care at all. You never want to be scared to get into a car again after a car accident. You don’t want to be scared to do the activities that dominate your regular life just because one day, on some fluke, you were hurt.

Building that confidence back up will take time, but by following these steps you can do it:

1. Get Compensation

If you were injured due to the negligence of another party, then you have a right towards compensation. This money can help you stay secure financially while you recover, and can also be used towards your recovery treatment. You need space in order to recover, but unfortunately, the world is not likely to give you that space unless you have the financial buffer to keep it at bay. That is why compensation is so important to your recovery, and why you need to visit for advice and guidance on the matter.

2. Get Professional Therapy

There are two kinds of therapy that you should consider undergoing. One is physical therapy, to help your body heal correctly so that you have a minimal disability in the future. The second is psychiatry, so that you can address how the accident has affected you mentally and emotionally. Only when you accept that both of these aspects need to be nurtured and healed can you truly move on.

3. Get Back Out There

It can be scary to get back out there again, but if you want to get your life back, you will need to. Take it slow if you must, but you cannot let your fears dictate your life. If you were in an automobile accident, for example, then start driving again around residential neighborhoods during the middle of the day when they are most likely to be quiet. Build up that confidence again bit by bit so that your accident doesn’t take away that key part of freedom away from your life.

4. Try New Things

Finally, try new things. A great way to build up confidence is to feel like you are gaining experience and are becoming good at new activities. This way you can approach a new subject, and feel good about yourself and all you have accomplished. Allow this sense of pride permeate throughout the rest of your life, and help you get back into whatever routine experience it was that was interrupted by your accident.

Regaining confidence is tough, but it can be done. Simply take it day by day and remember that there is no set time for recovery. So long as you try to make tiny steps, however, you will one day move past the accident and take back your life completely.