Up to a certain point, fear of driving is a normal mental reaction that keeps us focused and fully concentrated on mastering the skill. With experience, fear gradually diminishes and doubts begin to recede, replacing them with confidence of driving. However, sometimes the fear of getting behind the wheel is overwhelming, and then it becomes a problem. Autophobia can be managed by a psychotherapist, but in some cases you might be able to cope with it yourself.

  • What are you afraid of?

The first thing you need to figure out is exactly what you are afraid of. For example, autophobia may be due to fear of hitting a pedestrian, or the uncertainty of whether you will be able to do anything at all when you are driving once you’ve got a driving license. There may be a fear of being criticized because of lack of experience or you could be worried about getting into an accident and needing the help of car accident lawyers. To put it in a nutshell, you have to realize what’s stopping you from getting a move on. Once you have done that, try to work through this issue.

  • How to cope with driving phobia

There are several methods for overcoming driving phobia, just like with any anxiety issue. Each strategy is unique to each person and, obviously, is based on the degree of the fear. Nevertheless, it is good to begin with a strategy. Setting a goal for yourself should be your first action. Make an effort to explain your need for it effectively. This way you will understand why you need to overcome your fear when you do this.

  • Make pleasant associations with driving

For your driving experience to be enjoyable, you need to create pleasant emotions and memories for it. For example, if you’re on holiday, try renting a luxury car that you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child. Getting behind the wheel of such a car will help you form positive associations that will be stored in your brain. Although, if you’re afraid of breaking a car, you needn’t worry either, as today’s car repair services can fix your vehicle in a matter of hours, no matter where in the world you are. Thus, you can take advantage of Ferrari repair in Dubai, which experts will get your car back in perfect shape. Whether you need to replace a tire or remove a scratch, the automobile service can handle any difficulty.

  • Explore routes 

As you learn to drive in urban areas, find the routes that will be your main destinations such as the road from home to work, school or your favorite recreational areas. Pay attention to the signs, and over time this will help you become familiar with the routes so that all the necessary actions will be done automatically as soon as you get behind the wheel. To make it easier to plan out these routes and to save time, you can use the Route4Me Route Planner to help you plan out the routes and optimize them for the shortest distance and, depending on the version you use, you can also get turn-by-turn directions.

  • Join an extreme driving course 

Taking an extreme driving school is the greatest approach to get over your fear of accidents and your anxiety of unusual driving conditions. Learning how to avoid these situations and realizing that you can actually control your actions, minimize damage and cope with any circumstances on the road, while at the same time attending an extreme driving course can help you build confidence behind the wheel.

  • Attach a sign 

Even if you are a beginner, you could put a sign on the back window indicating you are a novice driver. In this case, you will make other road users pay more attention and be more patient with you.

  • Practice driving in pairs

Pair driving can have a positive effect on overcoming fear as well. Don’t hesitate to take an experienced driver with you on trips, who can sit next to you and help with advice at the right moments. Over time, you’ll feel more confident when it’s time to drive alone.

Only regular rides can give you the experience and confidence you need. Plan in advance where you will go and how much time you will need in order not to be stressed out. Remember that your main goal is to learn how to enjoy driving in the first place.