There is no other place like home for holidays; some of your Christmas traditions may be looking a little untraditional this year. It is why we have come up with some fun Quarantine Christmas ideas that children and other people could enjoy with their loved ones while still maintaining social distancing.


It is very amazing what we can do with the selfie stick and a little confidence. It would help if you learned to adapt some of your favorite holiday hobbies into Quarantine friendly once and read up about some new games that you may want to keep around even after the pandemic is over.


Decorate Christmas cookies


You can use your favorite sugar cookie recipe to try a new one for yourself and your kids to enjoy. It is a very great family activity that you can do at home by baking cookies in your kitchen.


Video call some of your traditions.


You can be with your elongated family for Christmas does not mean that you must forgo all your rules. Reading Christ’s birth story from the Bible with your grandpa each year, you can make him a video call and gather all the kids around the computer. You can zoom them this year and bake and then enjoy your separate dinners together if you enjoy cooking and eating dinner together with loved ones during the holidays.


Play holiday games


You can play any of your favorite family night games, and they could also be turned into holiday games with a little twist in the nose on the reindeer; reindeer ringtones and holiday categories could be some great starts. You can also play a bunch of these over face time with distant relatives.

Create canvas collage


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Read holiday books


The Christmas season is not complete if you have not heard a good reading of the night before Christmas from your grandma. Old and new holiday stories are some of the great ways to get into the Christmas spirit.

Build a gingerbread house


You may be itching to flex your creative muscles and plan your Christmas activities to consider building some gingerbread houses with your family. You could do this by buying a simple get from the local grocery store or break your very own though and start from scratch. You will need to grab all the colors you can find and build a house.

Learn New Recipes


It is for the people who love experimenting in the kitchen and consider adding a few new recipes to their menu. The flavors and ingredients that are sufficient during the holiday season could make some tasty meals.

Cook traditional dinner.


You and your family could cook traditional dinners essential to your culture during the winter season, and you could have a holiday cook on zoom. Everyone could use the same family recipe and dispense of their final dishes.

Watch some festive movies.


List out some of your best holiday movies that will surely get you into the Jolly holiday mood. Also, pop some popcorn and plan out your nights for the rest of your holiday season for a great current time tradition that will last for years to come.


Listen to classic carols.


You and your family could still rock around your Christmas tree even without the party hop. Try creating a playlist of your top Christmas carols and play it on repeat until your ears start to bleed from all the holiday cheering. You can also sing along to the tunes and become sure to do mini dance parties with your kids.

Go sledding


What could be more adventurous as a little kid than a slide race town, the tallest hill in your area? If you tend to live in a snowy climate, you should make sure to take a few snow days as some serious downhill fun.

Write handwritten notes


Although 2020 has been one of the roughest years, it has given us the gift of more time to slow down and evaluate what is important in our lives. Pic some people to handwrite notes and to spread love.

Roast marshmallows

You can also build a fire pit in your backyard for roasting marshmallows over the store for a great new tradition that will still bring a glow to your heart. Plus, no treat is quite as good as more.