Did you know that your negative thoughts and mindset could be having a seriously negative effect on your health and well-being? If you suffer from any aches and pains or feel that you have a more serious complaint, then this could be a result of your self-image and negative mindset. It can be difficult to learn to love yourself, especially as this will change during your entire life as your body ages and changes over time too. However, although you cannot stop these external developments, internally there are a few factors that you can keep in mind so that you can always love yourself and hold positive feelings close to your heart, no matter what your circumstances.

Start Taking Responsibility For How You Feel

Any feeling that you have is a way of processing and dealing with complex internal information, whether you love yourself or are in love, or feel like you have lost all hope and want to abandon your body. This also applies to how you let those around you influence your feelings; in particular, if you feel that you are no longer being loved, or feel that you are being controlled. If you are trying to take control of how you feel, you need to start managing your thoughts and emotions and place yourself and your mindset in the present moment. Start embracing and engaging with all your feelings at this current moment. Rather than fighting your feelings, even if it feels difficult or upsetting, you need to work with them to ensure that you can face any challenges or negative elements that are holding you back or causing you damage and pain. Instead of numbing out your feelings by using substances, alcohol or just simply locking them away, be sure to use this step to start to work out which areas of your life need the most attention, as you begin your path towards self-love.

Work Through How You Feel

Now you have identified your current feelings it is time to start working on these elements to begin healing and growing as a person. It is a painful but necessary step to ensure that you can begin to love yourself. Yes, you may previously have ignored your feelings, but it is vital that you embrace these negative emotions if you want to channel inner peace and open your body and mind up to be loved. When you are working out how you feel, you may want to take some time on your own to process these complex emotions. Try taking a trip and learning to enjoy your own company. You could also consider keeping a journal to write down how you feel as some days will be easier or more difficult than others. Make sure that you forgive yourself for any mistakes that you previously committed as these are no longer relevant, and you no longer have to feel guilty or accountable. Finally, write down a list of all that you have achieved and accomplished and celebrate these. Remember that any errors or life goals that you have met are ultimately a part of what makes you special and unique, so be sure to recognize these little wonders and merits.

Listen To Your Body

As you are beginning to learn and love yourself, you will also need to make sure that you pay enough attention to your body during this emotional and difficult time. You may find yourself feeling tired, drained and overwhelmed. These are all normal reactions during your development and healing process. Make sure that you treat your body even better than you usually do. Try to avoid stimulants and depressants such as caffeine, a fatty diet, and alcohol as these all hinder your emotions and can impact your judgment. Make sure that you stick to a light and healthy diet, to ensure that you feel more aligned and full of energy to tackle this difficult period. You should also use this time to try to explore exercise and activity to ensure that you get the blood pumping around your body, and disperse any negative and harmful energy. Exercise is the ideal way to release endorphins and make you feel in an upbeat and positive mood. Be sure to take time for some personal reflection and meditation, so that you can process and eliminate any deeper-rooted emotions that are coming out. Improving your relationship with yourself will take time, as you are re-educating your mind and body. So, don’t fight any feelings.

Tackle Health Issues

Finally, most toxic relationships are due to substance abuse or because you have been treating your body poorly for the past few years and decades. Excess and poor diet and lifestyle choices can all make you feel old before your time, run down and desperate – even if you are only young. If you are concerned for a family member or feel that you have become too dependent on substances such as drugs or alcohol in your pursuit of happiness, then it could be time to seek professional help. The Recovery Village offers United Healthcare insurance for drug and alcohol rehab programs. Seeking help if you need it is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is a sign that you are willing to make a positive change and understand that you are mistreating both your body and mind.

The road to loving yourself is a long and complex one, so it is vital that you are prepared to take the journey. Begin by taking responsibility for how you feel and why. Then, it is time to begin t work through these feelings and try to combat any negative thoughts and emotions. Be sure to listen to your body and get active, in addition to eating well and staying positive. Finally, be sure to tackle any other health issues that you feel are holding you back and damaging you. Once you learn to love yourself, you will feel a lot lighter, and be able to see the world with a new, fresh and positive mindset.