Body confidence is a battle many people face every day. Learning to accept and love each and every part of your body can take a lifetime to achieve but it doesn’t need to, and neither should it. The movement to love and appreciate your body is gaining traction the world over and men, women, and children are all being encouraged to embrace and appreciate the skin they are in. If you still need a little more help here are some ways you can learn to love every part of your beautiful body.

How To Love Every Part Of Your Body | Uncustomary

Embrace the mirror 

Do you avoid the mirror like the plague? You wouldn’t be the only one but to let you in on a little secret, the mirror is your new best friend. Spending some time in front of the mirror every day is an effective way to begin your journey to love your body. Get yourself a full-length mirror and stand in front of it. Look at your whole body, the lines, bumps, lumps, curves, and colors. Do not judge what you see just see that it is there, it is part of you.  Over time you will learn not only to accept that it is you but to love it too. 

Take photos

If you avoid the mirror then the betting is you avoid having your photo taken also? Taking photos works in the same way as standing in front of a mirror. Take photos of yourself to look back on to get yourself more comfortable with looking at and accepting your body. The more you learn to accept your body and understand what it looks like the less your reaction is likely to be ‘ugh’ every time you see a photo of yourself. The more comfort you have with your body the more confidence you are likely to exude. Take pictures of every part of your body from feet pics to mug shots. Once you are comfortable taking pictures on your smartphone take the next step and display them on your walls, walk past them every day, to remind yourself of what you look like and how fabulous that look is. 

Gratitude and appreciation

One of the most positive things you can do to show love for your body is to have gratitude and appreciation for it. Without appreciating your body and being grateful for what it can do you will not be able to love it. Your body is a wonderful thing that can do so much. It can withstand trials and tribulations, pregnancies, birth, intense exercise, injury, illness. It heals itself when it is broken. It tells you when it is hungry or tired. It can be put through so much on a daily basis and it is still standing at the end of it. Your body is the one constant you have throughout your lifetime and no matter it’s shape, size, color, lumps or bumps it has it can be relied upon to keep you going each and everyday, and that is something to be truly thankful for.