Still stuck on how to improve your Instagram in 2022? Then you have much to learn. As a social platform, Instagram is well known as a great place to build your brand and access an audience that can support your business.

However, the rules of taking advantage of this versatile platform seem to change now and then. Many people often struggle to keep up with the subtle changes that occur within the platform, and this tends to make benefitting from it that much harder. 

Not to worry though. This article gives you the ins and outs of improving your Instagram in 2022 using 7 core tips. We’ll start from the basics, and get you right up to speed with what you need to do for your account in 2022.

7 Tips for Improving Your Instagram in 2022

Improving your Instagram in 2022 requires good strategies that efficiently explore all the features the platform has to offer. In the seven tips below, we’ll explain how you can get your Instagram up and running in 2022.

1. Create a Functional and Attractive Bio

How to Improve Your Instagram in 2022: 7 Tips | Uncustomary

As first impressions go, your bio is the perfect chance to create a memorable one. There are up to a billion users with profiles on Instagram and some way, and somehow, yours should stand out.

To improve your Instagram experience, you need to get people to follow you, and to do that you need an interesting bio. It clearly explains to potential followers who you are, what you’re all about, and what they can gain from a visit to your profile.

Firstly, you need to get the essentials like your name or brand name, contact information, and your website link right. If you run a brand, you will need to explain what you’re all about appealingly and understandably.  

The goal here is to engage users long enough to interact and even follow your account. Be brief, clear, and interesting.

2. Post Consistently

How to Improve Your Instagram in 2022: 7 Tips | Uncustomary

This may seem like a given, but many people fall off the wagon when it comes to consistency. In any goal, you strive towards in life, “consistency is key” as the famous saying goes. This applies more than you can imagine when it comes to improving your Instagram experience. 

Creating a consistent social media presence is very important in 2022, especially with the many trends, advertisements, and competition around. When you slack in commitment, be rest assured a competitor is willing to take your space and your opportunity at a moment’s notice. 

Even if you don’t run a brand on Instagram, not posting consistently won’t get you anywhere with your followers. It’s true that it can be a hassle to always upload content. But managing an Instagram page is a creative activity so you must draw on your creativity to remain consistent 

One tactic that can help is scheduling your Instagram posts day after day. But before that, you must make sure to research the optimal number of posts you should be posting per day. You must also know the best time to post on Instagram. 

Another tactic is to engage your audience using Instagram Stories which disappear after 24 hours. You can make yours stand out using an Instagram story template.

Factors like content type, and your audience type will affect how consistently you’re posting. That’s why research and analysis are key to developing the right consistency frequency. You can take cues from accounts similar to yours on the platform and also do your research for efficiency.

The moment you compromise on consistency, you can be easily forgotten. Keep posting exciting content and always be active on the platform as often as you need to.

3. Create a Unique Theme

Remember how much we emphasized standing out? Well, this is one of the ways to do it. Asides from your bio, your Instagram field is the next thing your followers will see when they come across your Instagram page. Even if you buy Instagram likes and follows, you still need something to make them stay and keep engaging. Designing a unique theme will solve this problem.

Creating a unique theme is valuable because of its contribution to first impressions. A good or bad theme could be the reason a consumer likes your brand or doesn’t. And since most users are particularly impatient when going through pages, you have to make yours a unique experience. 

Aspects of your page like colors, presentation, and other features of your brand’s personality, should give a welcoming feeling. It would also help to easily identify your account amongst the millions on Instagram. 

4. Use Your Hashtag

How to Improve Your Instagram in 2022: 7 Tips | Uncustomary

This is another way you can improve your Instagram experience this year. You can create personalized hashtags and advertise them alongside popular hashtags. The hashtags you develop can be unique to your brand or a certain feature or theme on your account. 

For example, if you regularly post content about lifestyle like happy living tips, dieting and fitness hacks, you should create hashtags that correspond to such content. 

These hashtags might help you slowly develop your Instagram following while advertising your campaigns. With luck, your hashtag might become famous and unique to just you or your brand. This will create a direct link to your products, services, and content from anywhere in the world. 

5. Connect Your Instagram to Other Social Media

How to Improve Your Instagram in 2022: 7 Tips | Uncustomary

Although it is necessary to focus on what you need to improve on Instagram, it’s also important to consider how you can promote your account outside of Instagram. Do this by placing hyperlinks to your Instagram account in other social media bios and anywhere else you can. 

In 2022, connecting your accounts where possible gives you added reach and the opportunity to improve your Instagram with the power of all your other social media accounts. 

With the Linked Accounts feature in the settings of your Instagram application, you can easily monitor and share the posts you upload. This is particularly effective when you are stronger on other social media than Instagram. With this connection, you can help improve your entire Instagram experience. 

6. Analyze Performance

The analysis of what your followers respond to is another key approach to improving your Instagram experience. Instagram Insights is useful for tracking various Instagram stats right from the app.

It is important to focus on the necessary metrics to avoid getting swept away by the number of likes or comments. Understand what the data behind these metrics provide and let them guide your future decisions on the app.

7. Create Interesting Instagram Visuals and Use AR Filters

Nowadays, Instagram users are more captivated by meaningful quotes and catchy visuals that display various tips and tricks for their benefit.

Creating this type of content can give your followers something extra that they’ll appreciate. It could be simple social media hacks on how to navigate common difficulties or a direct manual on how to use your products or services.

Also, Instagram AR filters are very helpful for creating a fun experience for Instagram users. This new technology can create an immersive experience and make followers have a lasting impression on your account. 

The combination of these content types can further make your Instagram account stand out and improve your experience. Sharing your content on Instagram Stories can double the amount of users seeing your creations, so don’t forget to do it. And if after resharing your posts on stories you still don’t see the engagement boost on your profile, you can buy Instagram story views from professional marketers and receive the amount of attention your Instagram profile truly deserves.

Bottom Line

If you want to improve your experience on Instagram, you have to take certain steps to elevate your account to the next level.

These tips to improve your Instagram in 2022 can improve your performance. However, with the continual change in the social media landscape, the key message here is adaptability. Always learn to take advantage of every new feature or tool the platform rolls out to help improve your experience.