Given the variety of Kratom products available, the question isn’t only where to buy kratom goods and whom to trust to provide you with the best quality extract. Kratom users are picky, but they have good reason to be. You must ensure that the kratom powder you acquire is genuine.

Kratom extract sold by opms kratom is 100% authentic and sourced from the original Southeast Asian rainforests. The original Kratom products are thoroughly tested in the lab, and we back them up with first-rate support.

How To Identify Counterfeit Kratom Products While Buying Them Online? | Uncustomary

Simple Ways To Identify The Fake Kratom Sites Online

Convinces you to buy kratom powder asap

The most important thing about an honest review is that it doesn’t say anything that makes you want to buy the product immediately. A good Kratom extract strain review will be so appealing that the reader will immediately want to purchase best selling kratom products from that brand.

However, if you read a review where the consumer talks about different things about the brand and says that buying those things is good, the review might be fake. The best-selling brands don’t have to beg people to buy their Mitragyna Speciosa derived kratom products, even if they aren’t the best-selling brands.

How To Identify Counterfeit Kratom Products While Buying Them Online? | Uncustomary

Doesn’t Tell About Kratom Extract Source

Mitragyna Speciosa comes from Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. If a review of the brand says where the Kratom extract comes from and those places are on the list, there is a better chance that the Kratom extract is the real thing.

It also shows that the brand is honest and wants the public to know all the essential facts. It makes many users trust a brand, so you should always consider it when choosing a Kratom brand.

You want to get the best Kratom extract, and a review will help you do that. In addition to all the other reasons, Kratom extract from real places is better and works even better.

How To Identify Counterfeit Kratom Products While Buying Them Online? | Uncustomary

Website Is Unclear And Vague

Website troubles with a kratom merchant should always raise red flags. The vendor’s values and the authenticity of the Kratom they sell should be made clear on their website, and so should their contact information. Check out the policies and information on the Contact and About Us pages.

Verify their policies, especially the ones about returns. It’s present in all reputable Kratom brands, but if you can’t return the product for a refund, it’s best to go elsewhere.

If you’ve found a vendor with no website, we advise avoiding those. Nothing good is likely going to come out of that.

How To Identify Counterfeit Kratom Products While Buying Them Online? | Uncustomary

Deals That Seem Too Good To Be True. 

One of the biggest warning signs is when a highly-potent kratom extract is sold for much less than you would expect. There’s a good chance that the kratom products are of low quality or even fake, which can have bad effects.

The best place to buy real kratom extract is from sellers who get their products from reliable and well-known growers and package them. Before you purchase Kratom, take the time to look at how different products like powder and capsules work and how much they cost on the market.

Usually, if something seems too good to be true, it is. If the deal sounds great, but what’s sold for much less than what it’s worth, the powder and capsules are likely fakes. You don’t want to waste your money.

How To Identify Counterfeit Kratom Products While Buying Them Online? | Uncustomary

Why Choose OPMS Kratom Extract Industry?

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions (OPMS) is a brand of Kratom that has been at the top of the market for almost a decade. OPMS liquid Kratom extract differs from others because they use a high-pressure cold water press.

This lets them keep most of the active alkaloids in the kratom leaf. These capsules are not for people who have never tried Kratom before, and we guarantee that when you buy OPMS Kratom, they will not let you down.

OPMS Kratom products have become the standard for kratom products in the industry. The top-secret all-natural extraction process was to protect the plant’s alkaloids. The main difference between OPMS Kratom products is how the alkaloids are taken from the raw kratom product and others.

Most products use hot water or a solvent to make them. However, OPMS Kratom found a better way to extract something using cold water and high pressure. The Kratom leaves get boiled to eliminate their organic parts in this method. This method keeps more alkaloids, making the product better, stronger and free from any other reproductive harm.

How To Identify Counterfeit Kratom Products While Buying Them Online? | Uncustomary

Different OPMS Kratom Liquid Extract

OPMS Kratom Extract Liquid Tincture, OPMS Gold Kratom Capsules, OPMS Silver Thai Kratom Capsules, OPMS Maeng Da Kratom Capsules, and OPMS Super Green Borneo Kratom Capsules are some of the most popular products.

Gold Liquid Kratom

Even though each person’s results are different, customers often hear that OPMS gold liquid extract is used to treat a broad range of health problems and has several mental benefits.

Customers tell us that they take these liquid Kratom extracts because they work quickly and give them more energy. People say that when used in low doses, OPMS gold Kratom has metabolic effects that boost energy production.

Effects Of Gold Liquid Kratom

People say that the best thing about these gold liquid Kratom extract is that you only need to take one to feel the effects immediately. Besides, Gold Kratom can also help ease anxiety and make you feel more sexually aroused. It may even help people addicted to drugs get clean and stay clean.

You might need more than one dose of Kratom to feel the effects. This is not the case with OPMS gold liquid Kratom, however.

How To Identify Counterfeit Kratom Products While Buying Them Online? | Uncustomary

OPMS Black Liquid

The OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Extract added in 2021 is stronger, more effective, and lasts longer than OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom Shot. This black Kratom shot is a pure, all-natural liquid Kratom is the best you can get.

It all starts with Maeng Da leaves picked right off the kratom plant. From there, a well-balanced mix of alkaloids gets extracted from the plant. This mix of high alkaloid content is unique to OPMS Black Kratom and is better than what you can find in other liquid kratom shots.

How To Identify Counterfeit Kratom Products While Buying Them Online? | Uncustomary

Is Kratom An Approved Substance?

Kratom is not currently listed as a controlled substance by the DEA, although it is considered a “drug of concern.” Due to this, it is not federally regulated in South Korea. This means that it is technically legal according to FDA-approved research.

Different states have varying regulations on the possession and consumption of Kratom. Many states like Union County, Sarasota county, Rhode Island and San Diego ca in the United States.

How To Identify Counterfeit Kratom Products While Buying Them Online? | Uncustomary


The best way to avoid buying fake liquid Kratom extract is not to follow the latest trends and buy kratom powders before the community checks to ensure they are real. If the most reliable goldenmonk kratom brands don’t have the liquid shots, there’s probably a reason.

Stick to what you know, and don’t let sales tactics get you. Many health care practitioners advise buying kratom powder that is tested in a lab before they are sold. These are your best bets. It would help if you only bought kratom powder from a reputable company like OPMS. However, we suggest having a medical consultation before trying any new supplement.