How To Find Time To Exercise With A New Baby | Uncustomary

If you’ve recently become a new parent, then a lot of your normal routine may have been put on the backburner including an enjoyable fitness routine. You may have found that you’d like to lose the baby weight, or you’re turning to unhealthy snacks just to work around caring for your baby because they’re easy to reach for. 

What’s important to remember is that you shouldn’t ever feel negative about your body, no matter your current fitness routine. Likewise, there shouldn’t be any guilt if you haven’t found the time or motivation to workout. Instead, be positive about what you’ve achieved with a new baby, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and remember that a workout should be enjoyable for you. 

Finding time to exercise with a new baby can be fun, especially if you can involve your child in it, too. So here are a few suggestions to make it a little easier for you. 

Ask for Help 

There’s nothing wrong with asking a loved one to take care of your child for a short time if you’d like to concentrate on a workout, or maybe even go out for a gym class at a particular time. You never need to feel guilty for needing to take a time out if you need to focus on a form of exercise you’d like to do. One way to find time to exercise is by having your family do your baby shopping for you with a baby registry.

Workout On-the-Go

Being more active doesn’t mean a dedicated routine or hours spent in the gym; you can encourage more movement on the go and around the house while looking after your baby. All it takes is a little more conscious focus. For example, you might want to walk around while having a cuddle rather than cuddling on the couch. You may want to work your upper body lifting your baby up and down while playing with them rather than just holding them. Find some ideas which work for you! Additional Resource: What’s the Difference Between Resistance Bands and Free Weights?

Invest in a Jogging Stroller

If your baby is at the right age to begin going outside in a stroller, then you might also want to consider a jogging stroller. This is a great form of exercise for you, in which you can still concentrate on taking your baby for some fresh air while getting the exercise you might want. In addition, jogging strollers are much easier to control and navigate than regular strollers if you’d like to move at speed; here are The 8 Best Jogging Strollers of 2021.

Buy Toys Which Encourage Movement 

Buying some baby toys is fun and exciting, and it can be even better if you think about those which can encourage more interaction and movement for the both of you especially if you have a growing toddler. Rather than toys, you sit stationary on the floor with, think about ones which will help to build your strength and have you moving more. If you have garden space, you may want to install slides and a climbing apparatus that can see you lifting, moving, and playing so you can stay active along with your child. 

Most importantly: have fun!