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How to dress sexy for any body type

When it comes to dressing sexy, less is always more – but this doesn’t apply clothing! Although it may seem to counter what you’ve been led to believe, showing less skin is generally far more sexy and intriguing than just jumping in an over-revealing dress. The less you show, the more allure you create.

Let the imagination work

Imagination and suggestion are crucial to creating a sexy look, and depriving someone of the opportunity to guess, wonder, and make up the own mind takes away from the effect you have tried so hard to create. 

If you choose to wear allow neckline, stay away from short hems, as you will have far too much skin on display. Similarly, when you wear a skin-tight garment, like a sexy dress, rather wear one that covers skin while emphasizing silhouette. It takes a bit of work, but once you get the hang of the fine balance between high and low, tight and loose, and long and short, you will be well on your way to creating a sophisticated sexy look that avoids coming across as trashy.

It’s about the attitude

Once in a while, a sexy look can be fun. The key is to get out of the mindset that you’ll slap on a sexy dress and call it a day. Sexiness comes across in attitude more than clothing, which means that no matter what you wear, you can look sexy in it if you wear if with confidence. The sooner you manage to wrap your head around the idea that sexiness is about how you carry yourself, and how much you like what you’re wearing, the better your outfit will look!

Hair – long or short?

The age-old discussion about whether long or short hair is better, continues, and there is still no direct answer. As with clothing, the way you wear your hair comes down to personal preference,   and if you prefer short hair to long hair, do it, and do it well! 

If your hair is long, the tumbled, just-woke-up tousled look is always a winner. It’s easy to achieve, too. Simply spray damp hair with some styling product, and scrunch it up! Air drying will do the rest, and take your hair from average to amazing! Another way to get a similar look is braid your hair while damp, and going to bed. When you wake up the next morning, luscious locks will be yours! 

If your hair is of the type that is straight, matter what you do to it, don’t panic. Remember, the key is to work with what you have! Straight, sleek hair with a bit of shine creates a powerful, assertive appearance, so hit the bottle of leave-in conditioner and go big!

It’s natural

When picking your clothing for the perfect sexy outfit, work with your strong points. Great legs look even better in a mini dress, while sleeveless tops are the obvious go-to option for someone with great arms. Go with what you have working in your favor naturally.