How To Do Something Good For Your Soul | Uncustomary

Is the soul a real entity? It can be hard to say. None of us have a definitive answer. While many ancient and vedic texts seem to speak about it with no small degree of wisdom and plenty of surety, it can be hard to parse this information with our common, often secular idea of who we are as people. And yet, it’s important to understand how this perspective changes from place to place.

For example, ask any western person where their mind is located, and most will point to their brain. In Japan, you’d likely see them point to their chest, around the heart area, as the term ‘Kokoro’ in Japan means mind, heart, body, emotions, feeling. It is where they consider their mind-body connection to be located, and it’s not hard to see how this seems to be less of a cutoff and segmented concept to the one many of us share.

Well, no matter if the soul is a real entity or not, we know when something is good for us and can help us feel good for whatever concept we might have in its place. This post is primed to help you to that end:

Take Some Time For You

When taking time ‘for you’, it can be easy to think that sitting in a bath all day, reading in our pajamas while taking a day off work or simply heading to a spa can be the best option. Of course, these things are rarely unwelcome, but it’s also important to know that they are not always the most reflective of hobbies. After all, it can feel tempting to push forward and do more when you have downtime, in order to make the best use of it.

But sometimes, taking time for you, and we mean really for you, is the best option. Sitting back, taking stock on your life, and reflecting on it can be important. Sitting, listening to zen music and meditating on the words of a lecturer or speaker you like can be important, even if it’s just through a guided meditation app. You may even decide to embark on a chakra healing voyage to help you feel something akin to ‘positive spiritual surgery.’ 

Just try it. After getting ready for the day, sit in your most ergonomic chair, put on some whale sounds, and perhaps freehand write what’s been on your mind lately. You would be very surprised just how peaceful you can be at the end of this, and also how this room to reflect can help bring in ideas and inspirations you may not have had before.

Spend Time In Nature

For many of us, spending time in nature means hiking through a forest with a friend, running that trail near our house, or taking the dog for a walk. But taking a solo day out where you walk through a public park, spend some time exploring and seeing what is on the horizon can be a massive benefit. Ensure, of course, that you bring your safety equipment with you such as a few hiking supplies, but do not be afraid to lounge in the sun in a public park, or to simply spend time watching birds, or to read while ‘grounding’ at the same time. You would be astonished just how effective this can be at loosening your uptight feelings about the day and giving you more to think about. 

Spending time in nature can also be very therapeutic to many people. Sitting on a park bench and meditating a little, just soaking in the sounds of the environment can sooth you like nothing else. Leave your problems at the door, and just focus on that which is around you. You would be astonished as to just how wonderful this can feel.

Throw Out Addictive Or Negative Behaviors

All of us have our vices. To some, they are moderate behaviors that bare little impact on their life, and so are quite happy to enjoy. For example, some might love a couple of glasses of wine with a movie on a Friday evening, but for others, only having a couple of glasses may not be enough. You might notice what you need to change when it becomes a hindrance, even subtly. Perhaps you’re also quite annoyed as to how bored you feel when it comes to thinking about said habit. If it feels as  though it has any power over you, even a fraction, it can be a great feeling of power to throw off those shackles and become more authoritative in how you regard it.

For some, it might be throwing out the sugary drinks from the refrigerator. To others, it could mean avoiding to add alcohol to their weekly grocery delivery and using that money to pick up a set of high-quality herbal teas instead, and perhaps a couple of supplements. You would be astonished how even the smallest consideration can make such a difference when it comes to reasserting dominance over your life.


Exercise is not something that many people are fond of. We understand. It can hurt to begin running again, or to lift weights, or to begin swimming, or to get back on the bicycle. Sometimes, such as after being pregnant or going through a difficult life scenario, exercise was the last thing on our minds for quite a long time. That doesn’t lessen how important it can be, and how important it will remain.

In fact, exercise can quite literally help a person resurface and feel much much better about themselves on a daily basis. Exercise is something that helps you feel more considerate, understanding, and open. It can help you think more clearly, and also help you feel like you have accomplished something that day (because you have). This is not placebo, but a restructuring of how competent you believe you can be in your human body. It makes a real difference.

With this advice, you’re certain to do something worthwhile for your soul. You deserve it.