One of the most challenging things we must do in life is finding balance. Whether it is achieving a balance between spending and saving money, between calorie intake and expenditure, etc. Balance is not a natural condition for many of us, particularly when it comes to the issue of how to balance work and family. This might not always be possible. We either concentrate so much on our work that we seldom see our family, or we focus so much on a family that our work suffers as a consequence.

How To Combine Work and Family: 6 Steps To Create A Balance | Uncustomary

Below are six tips that will help you combine work and family.

Book vacations

A great way to combine work and family life is to book a vacation. By booking a vacation, you get the same allocated time for yourself and your family. Try to organize everything together. Choose a car for hire, and the locations you plan to visit. You may choose anything you like as a rented car will allow you to be completely free in movement. Rental services at any resort or historical place will offer you plenty of alternatives no matter if you would like to select sport cars for rent or, for example, a convertible. Choose a hotel and plan a budget for your trip together.

Regular vacations are important, and it’s necessary to spend them with your loved ones. This improves the relationships within your family and gives you a chance to rebuild your vitality.


To keep work and family life in harmony, regular planning is necessary. Every night, try to prioritize what you need and want to accomplish for the next day. You should have goals for both your career and family since goal-setting is a crucial component of productivity.

First, pay attention to the everyday actions that you perform. Determine the time that you have left, and then plan the actions that you want to perform. Prioritize what’s most important for the day ahead and focus on getting it done before you do anything else. 

Switch off

Set a time frame for your work and focus your energy during that time. It is very important to have some restrictions on your working hours, otherwise, it may get out of control.


Even if you are taking a top management position you can create a rule for yourself to leave your laptop and phone at work or, in extreme cases, not take them on weekends. You should give yourself time to switch off from work and recharge. Every day has a time set aside for you and your family, where work should not interfere.

Create family habits or programs

To effectively combine work and family life, you need time, and you should spend this time creating positive daily habits that should become second nature for you. Regardless of whether you leave your laptops at work or go out for a walk around the city one evening a week, the very success of such actions lies in habit.


If there is any support around you, use it. Delegate work to colleagues who are better equipped to perform certain tasks. When other people help you achieve your goals, your influence and effectiveness will increase significantly.


The delegation will allow you to reduce the burden on both your time and your energy, which will increase your overall productivity. Do not forget that delegation applies not only to work but also to family life. It may be easier for you to pick up the children on the way from school, while your other half, or even the children, can do some chores around the house.

Find time for yourself

Work and family are extremely important, but to succeed in both directions, you need to take care of yourself sometimes. It is not necessary to spray yourself too much every day, it is better to allocate time to rest and recharge during the week.


Think about what you can do to take care of your well-being, and then plan it by coordinating the details with your other half. It can be going to the gym a couple of times a week or watching your favorite sports game on the weekend.