Pool furniture can not only enhance the look of your backyard or poolside hotel, but also has a significant role in improving comfort. Being fully aware of what elements are essential for pool furniture may help you to ensure you have a functional, great-looking space and satisfy both your needs and your guests. We have put together a guide and recommendations for you to consider when choosing pool furniture, either you want to buy something for your business or for your home.

Pay attention to the materials of pool furniture

There are many factors that influence the right choice of outdoor pool furniture that you should familiarize yourself with before making a purchase. Of course, you wouldn’t want to invest in furniture that doesn’t perform well outdoors, isn’t comfortable or isn’t suitable for the needs of your business. Therefore, it’s worth looking at outdoor furniture manufacturers who specialize in making heat resistant equipment. You could safely take their cue from resort hotels, which buy furniture produced in the Emirates. Because of the high temperatures inherent in this country, outdoor furniture manufacturer PARASOL is renowned for its high quality materials. By visiting the showroom, you can have a look at everything ranging from umbrellas to tables and benches in Dubai and select the best pieces for you.

Take measurements of the space

However, in many cases, because of the wrong measurements the furniture bought might not fit and might be seen as too bulky. For this reason, it is always important to measure the space accurately and pay special attention to the shape and layout of the property. Parameters such as the size of the pool, the size of the patio area and the extra space should also be taken into account as well. What kind of surface your furniture will stand on, how close the pool is, whether you have children and a playground, all these questions should be considered in advance or you should seek help from a landscaper in order to arrange the backyard with a pool correctly.

Select your type of material

Decide on the material and how well it fits the requirements of your residential or commercial environment, as well as your personal preferences and priorities.

  • Aluminum, plastic and PVC are materials that are rust-proof, lightweight, relatively inexpensive and require very little maintenance. They can also be easily cleaned with a little soap and water.
  • Steel and wrought iron are both heavy and durable, but will rust if not protected from the weather as well as periodically painted.
  • Rattan, wicker furniture made from artificial rattan are great outdoors and in wet weather, especially when they are treated with a special coating. However, they may need additional weather protection every few years.
  • Natural wood looks great in outdoor furniture. On the other hand it makes for durable furniture that can be just as comfortable as anything else you use indoors. However, wood requires regular oiling. Be sure to choose weather-resistant woods such as teak, mahogany, cypress, ash and acacia.

Find the right type of furniture 

Make a list of what you want to see around your pool. It all depends on personal preference. However, a few pieces of furniture are typical for most types of outdoor pools. For example, near or around most in-ground pools you can see different variations of each: sun loungers, patio sets, sofas, hammocks, wooden beach chairs and so on. Obviously, the first thing to decide is on what type of seat you want; whether it’s a sun lounger, a bench or a hammock might be a great option for an individual. Thus, if you’re the sort of person who enjoys having pool parties with friends or family, you need appropriate furniture to make everyone feel comfortable, therefore a sofa with a few stools is definitely a better option.

Decoration makes it feel cozy

Regardless of what style of pool furniture you decide to purchase and install around it, furniture can soon become monotonous if you don’t add some decor to it. Cushions can be used to add coziness and comfort. Ensure that the colors you choose go well with the surrounding shades of the pool.

Remember, that firstly pool furniture is intended to be used as a place where you can relax, take a break from your busy schedule and find peace of mind. Ensure that your pool furniture is both comfortable and stable, we do hope our tips will help you to make the best choice.