How The Pandemic Might Be Affecting Your Mental Health | Uncustomary

Everyone is having a difficult time at the moment, and that is hardly surprising given what is going on. This pandemic is likely affecting you just as much as everyone else, although everyone is in a slightly different situation and some definitely have it worse than others. However, even if your only real complaint is that you are having to stay indoors more, even that alone can be enough for it to start impacting you in various ways. In particular, you are likely experiencing changes in your mental health, as many are, and you will probably want to do something about that. Let’s look at how the pandemic might be affecting your mental health, and what you can do about it.

The Self-Isolation Blues

If you are having to stay indoors all the time, or most of the time, then it is very likely that this is affecting your mental health in some way or another. Very few people would be unaffected by this, after all. For most, it will likely just be a touch of sadness or the blues. For others, it could be full-on depression or an episode of something worse. Whatever it is for you, the important thing is to try and care for yourself in all the usual ways. That means having good personal hygiene, eating well, and exercising – even if you have to do so at home. And if you can safely get out for a walk in the park once a day, you should do so.

Anxiety For The Future

In many ways, you might say that anxiety is the presiding emotion of the moment, not just for individuals but the entire world. So if you are at all prone to anxiety, it is highly likely that you are experiencing it in a big way right now. This anxiety is probably related to an uncertainty about what is going to happen, and might be linked to your own wellbeing or your economic life. For the latter, you might want to look into the specifics of what kind of benefits you might be able to claim, such as finding out are seniors included in the stimulus package. And for your well-being, just make sure that you are exercising and eating well, as above.

Loss Of Socialization

We are highly social beings, and we do not generally do well with a lack of a social life. If you are struggling with this loss of socialization that the pandemic has brought about, then you might want to see what you can do to make the most of the situation we are in. That means making the most of the technology we have to host video conferences and so on, and it also means just calling and checking in with your loved ones more often than you might normally do so. Those small things really help you to feel much more connected to the outside world, so they are worth bearing in mind.