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Quitting smoking is one of the most precious services you can do for your health. The moment you finish the last cigarette, your body starts to repair and regenerate itself. But it is not only your body that benefits from a smoke-free life.

When you refuse from tobacco, you’ll become a better version of yourself. You’ll be stronger, more confident, and happier. Visit for more in-depth guide about e-liquids for your vapes. Let’s see how a new healthier lifestyle can upgrade your personality.

1. Your Appearance And Self-Confidence Will Improve

If I showed you the photos of two people of the same age and asked you to detect a smoker, you’d definitely cope with the task. Tobacco smoke is merciless to beauty.  

Women who care about the way they look but still have difficulties with quitting tend to choose vaping. New vape mods from Vapingdaily are not as dangerous as traditional cigarettes. While e-vapor may contain some undesirable chemicals (and where there aren’t any?), their number is hundreds of times less than in smoke.

So, you won’t get wrinkles faster than your peers. You’ll straighten your complexion. Your hair will become smooth and shiny. You’ll feel happier about your appearance.

Permanent non-smokers say that they start to get more compliments. Drastic improvements don’t go unnoticed by family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and other people.

2. Your Productivity Will Get A Boost

Numerous studies show that non-smokers are more productive workers than their smoking colleagues. One large study has attracted my attention – the 2013 National Health and Wellness Survey of workers in the United States, Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain) and China.

The respondents were adults of working age (18-65). 58 500 American workers, 50 417 European workers, and 17 987 Chinese employees took part in the study. They were divided into 4 groups:

  • Current smokers
  • Trying to quit
  • Former smokers
  • Never smokers.

It was found out that smokers in all three regions missed more workdays, and were less productive while being at work. Those who quit 0‐4 years ago showed less work impairment. As you might expect, never smokers demonstrated the highest productivity.

These findings are important and motivating for every smoker. Your work performance will start improving as soon as you quit.

If a cold turkey method doesn’t work for you, consider buying a vape mod. Refusal from tobacco means avoiding thousands of harmful chemicals and getting ill more rarely.

And you know pretty well that a productive worker has better chances of promotion. So, what do you want more – a job with a higher salary or a smoke break?

3. You Will Feel Less Anxious And Stressed

Smokers tend to think that their habit calms them down. It’s a common misconception. It causes anxiety, and it causes stress. Why?

Firstly, smoking causes the following negative reactions in your body:

  • An increased blood pressure
  • An increased heart rate
  • Tensed muscles
  • Constricted blood vessels
  • A decrease in oxygen access to the organs.

Secondly, smoking constantly keeps your body in a state of withdrawal. Heavy smokers need a cigarette every half an hour. If they don’t get one, they become anxious. Once they have a smoke, the anxiety disappears but then comes back again very soon.

Why does it happen? Because of the nicotine addiction. One of the reasons why smokers fail to stay long without cigarettes is the growing anxiety, irritability, and stress.

Electronic smoking devices help to cope with these withdrawal symptoms. Vape mod kits allow reducing the dose of nicotine over time until it reaches a zero. Eventually, you don’t even drop smoking but use your vape box mod quite rare. It makes vaping one of the best smoking cessation methods. If you want to have the finest vaping experience, you must choose the best vape juice for your vape tank.

4. Your Will Tune On A Positive Vibe

NY Daily News published the results of an extensive research relating smoking. British researchers examined 26 studies of the smokers’ mental health. They focused on the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, and quality of life.

People of different ages who smoked from 10 to 40 cigarettes a day filled in the questionnaires two times – before quitting and after the quit attempt (about half a year later).

It was found that ex-smokers have got a boost in mental well-being. Their depression, anxiety and stress were reduced. Former smokers even developed a more positive outlook on life.

One of the researchers said that the effects of quitting are “equal or larger than those of antidepressant treatment for mood and anxiety disorders”.

“Smoking helps me relax”, “Smoking helps me enjoy life”, and other similar excuses made up to justify smoking are rubbish. You can feel stress-free and live your life to the fullest only if you drop smoking and break the nicotine withdrawal cycle.

5. You Will Become A Free Person

The freedom I talk about is freedom from cigarettes. A victory over a drug like nicotine is a huge step on the path to taking more control over your life.

Smokers are like prisoners. Their lives are restricted by the need of regularly satisfying their nicotine cravings without considering the effect on their health, family and finances.

Smokers have to make sacrifices in order to maintain their addiction. They cut the time spent with family, friends or at work. They miss out on many opportunities to have fun as they choose to puff on a cigarette.

The decision to leave a harmful habit makes you FREE! Go anywhere where smoking is banned and don’t worry about the urge to light up. Drive your car and don’t stink up an interior. Enjoy your coffee without going out in a nasty weather. Stop building your life around smoking!

Look at smoking as it actually is. It is expensive, dangerous, stressful, and restraining. It makes you less attractive and kills productivity. It controls you totally. So, what’s holding you back?

About the Author: Connor Russel is the millennial blogger specializing in lifestyle. His interests are currently focused on health, quitting smoking and well-being.