Creativity is inherent in human nature; it is what we use to problem-solve and navigate a complex world; still, many people don’t think of themselves as creative and fail to realize their full potential. In order to discover new things, we need to explore new places with creativity. 

Journal Writing 

Journaling is one of the first things a friend or therapist might recommend to support your mental health and wellbeing. Even if you don’t write very often, journaling is an excellent way to externalize your thoughts in a safe way, helping you to express yourself and gain perspective. 

If you’re going through a rough time, you probably have plenty to write about; why not take a long walk to process everything and stop every once in a while to write short paragraphs on your phone? A journaling practice is also good in general; feel better with a gratitude journal.

Acting Practice 

As with all modes of creativity, there are professional and amateur levels, but creativity is also more than a profession; it is a way of life for most people and a necessity. Have you ever caught yourself acting like someone in the world to navigate a situation? It is a form of acting. 

Acting like someone else to navigate the world or to play a part in a theatre production is much the same, but although you are playing a part, you are also getting to know yourself better, which is why acting is an excellent form of therapy. Learn more about acting with Travis Preston

Creative Thinking 

Some models identify different psychological types, there is the introvert and extrovert, the sensing type and intuitive type, the thinking type and feeling type, and the judging or perceiving type. But it is not a hard science; there is a lot of variation within these categories as well. 

If you ever find yourself locked into a pattern of thinking, remember that there are many other patterns of thinking available. Try to think of your issue from the point of view of someone else, perhaps and friend or relative; this will help you gain a new perspective and creative solution.  

Art Therapy 

Art therapy is another way that creativity can help us gain new perspectives and heal. Art therapy involves drawing, painting, writing, or crafting to explore the emotional and psychological undercurrents of the work. You might be surprised by what you find out. 

If you are interested in exploring art therapy, it is best to find a professional art therapist in your area and book a session. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from creating a personal practice, but when you work with someone initially, you get an understanding of the processes. 

Final Thoughts 

Some people don’t think of themselves as creative types; they were never good at drawing in school and tell themselves they are not creative. At the same time, these non-creative people are using creativity every day to problem-solve and navigate. Make it a practice for wellbeing.