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Your coffee tastes can vary based on time of day and mood. However, have you ever considered the bigger forces that influence what you crave?

As the seasons change, there’s a direct effect on the coffee flavors you want and crave. In fact, up to 40 percent of consumers claim their flavor preferences change based on what time of year it is.

It’s really not that crazy when you think about it. Restaurants and department stores follow these trends, regularly rotating their offerings as the seasons change and many consumers have grown to anticipate and expect this seasonal changeover each year. Why wouldn’t this trend apply to your coffee?

Coffee Flavor Changes Through the Season

While it may sound intuitive, adjusting the offerings of hot beverages to reflect the seasonal preferences of consumers is something that may be overlooked as other priorities arise. However, the value that’s provided by the availability of seasonal coffee flavors is something that can’t be undersold.

Think about the coffee flavor that is more anticipated each year in the realm of coffee – pumpkin spice. As the leaves change and cooler weather moves in, the digital world can be heard anticipating this flavor. To date, consumers have made it clear that they have specific, seasonal options. This is clear at the commercial coffee counter as well as the increased sales in coffee syrups that are perfect for making those pumpkin spiced coffee beverages. Visit Dripped Coffee to learn more about the changes of coffee throughout history.

The Best of the Best Coffee Flavors for Each Season

The best cappuccino and coffee flavors change throughout the year and knowing what some of the favorite options are is helpful.

Fall and Winter Flavors

When summer ends, your tastes may move to sweet treats and comfort. It’s no surprise that the most popular flavor (as mentioned above) is pumpkin spice, along with cinnamon sticky bun and apple strudel.

Right after Halloween, the gingerbread and peppermint flavors become more popular and remain strong and popular through the New Year. By the time New Year’s Resolutions kick in, the lighter flavors including cinnamon notes become much more popular and in-demand.

Spring and Summer Flavors

When warmer weather moves in once again, you are probably going to experience new flavor cravings again. In March, for example, you may get in the spirit of the season and want the Irish crème flavors. By the time mid-April arrives, fruity flavors are making a comeback.

A popular flavor that helps to put you back in the mood for the sunshine and summer is blueberry cobbler. In the middle of summer, flavors like smores become popular as they are a great reminder of bonfires and the beach. Bones coffee is an interesting company that sells crazy flavored coffee beans.

How Coffee Habits Change With Seasons | Uncustomary

Even More Amazing Coffee Flavors

The flavors mentioned above tend to be successful when they are served during the appropriate season because most consumers associate them with the changing weather – even if they aren’t aware of it.

If you are interested in learning more about some of the seasonal effects of coffee, then read this article to have some more insights.

What’s Your Favorite Coffee Flavor?

As you can see, there are more than a few options to choose from when it comes to coffee flavors. You likely have your favorites for each season, and they probably change as the weather outside changes.