As visual content becomes more popular, so does the logo’s efficiency as a means to support and promote your brand. Brand logos remain the basic components of a brand’s identity, together with its name. As phones, tablets, and shopping itself become smarter, marketing also improves its techniques.

Having a marketing plan that you backup with data and believe in is sometimes not enough for the success of your campaigns. Smart marketing is now responsible for many initiatives that go viral and significantly increase sales. Marketers now adapt to the digital age and the increasing industry demands to come with ideas for their audience. Today we will discuss smart marketing and how your brand logo can turn into a resourceful tool.

How Can Brand Logos Become Smart Marketing Tools? | Uncustomary

The Importance of Brand Logos

Logos make the basic components of a brand’s visual identity. Their symbols and typefaces (if used) make your brand look unique and recognizable. Some of the most successful logos stand out for having simple designs and being easy to remember. According to Logo Realm, even the most powerful logos of the world have undergone updates and adjustments to reach perfection. However, most visuals include elements that highlight some of the brands’ messages. If you dig into this history of logos website, you can find some branding lessons through each official or unannounced adjustment.

Brand logos have crossed the line of being visible only within direct communication campaigns with customers or official company letters. You can see them in social media posts, unbranded campaigns and even pictures from customers who are satisfied with their products.

Logos now gain even more importance, as some brands decide to lose the typeface and only promote their brand through they logo symbol. Brands such as Starbucks, Nike, Adidas and others chose to only use symbols due to a high-level brand recognition.

What is Smart Marketing?

There are differences between smart marketing and SMART goals. However, to reach the first one, you need the second.

SMART goals and objectives are results that you need to set up considering the below elements. Your marketing goals should be:

  • Specific – Adjusted to your audience’s needs and the industry’s outcomes.
  • Measurable – You need to be able to create a metric based on qualitative and/or quantitative attributes.
  • Actionable – The campaigns should have a realistic budget which is balanced with results.
  • Relevant – Results should solve the problems that initiate the campaign.
  • Time-bound – Objectives should be possible to reach within the given timeline.

Once the objectives have been established, smart marketing finds the most responsive ways to implement them.

How Can Brand Logos Become Smart Marketing Tools? | Uncustomary

How to Turn Brand Logos into Smart Marketing Tools

Personalize Chatbots

Chatbots were included in most of the marketing trends predicted for this year. They can help you improve customer support while making sure that your communication with clients remains interactive. However, not all clients are pleased with chatbots.

You can take customers support to the next level by personalizing chatbot tools for a better user experience. Include the brand logo into the chatbot system and consider adjusting each step of the customer experience.

Integrate Temporary Content

Temporary content on social media is already popular. Some platforms for such content even become tools for further campaigns and ideas. You can take marketing campaigns further and develop logo stories within the story options.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are some of the most appealing apps used by social media enthusiasts that enjoy temporary content. Develop logo-related campaigns and engage users with your content.

How about Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is on the rise for mobile devices. The niche is engaging for marketers and appealing for end users. Social media platforms and apps are expected to also develop AR features. Snapchat already has a new augmented reality option which includes voice recognition.

AR can turn out to be an impressive and useful tool for your brand and logo. Consider its relevance for your niche audience and integrate it into marketing campaigns.

Use Logos in Videos

Watermarks based on logos are already mandatory and traditional. However, videos based on logos capture viewer’s attention as they provide more insightful information about your brand. Release video documentaries about your brand’s logos and even engage users in brand activities through contests.

Live streaming is so popular that you can now digitally participate in dozens of events throughout the world during a single day. Stream a teaser or even a brief making-of film about your document to grab some more attention.

Are Voice Search and AI Helpful?

Tech marketers might find it easier to connect the two with your brand logo. Voice-controlled assistants are engaging and fun for customers. Voice technology evolves rapidly and leads to products which adjust to mobile and tablet users. There is a need for brands to rise to the discoveries of technology.

You may need to hire a professional to develop artificial intelligence and voice assisting features for your campaigns. However, once you discover what tech offers, you will find cost-effective solutions to implement them.

Promoting Brand Logos through Smart Marketing

Smart marketing is about implementing SMART objectives and turning them into methods to connect with your audience and make them more responsive. Most marketers research technology to discover options to sustain their campaigns. However, there’s a fine line between using technology and forgetting about keeping the human touch.

Customer behavior and experience are highly influenced by your marketing campaigns. Therefore, by omitting the importance of your audience might lead do a decrease in sales and results. Marketers should know that clients may be resilient to change or features such as chatbots. Carefully analyze your public before engaging in a tech-based idea.

To Sum It Up

Smart marketing helps brands get closer to customers and increase brand loyalty, among others. By focusing on the brand logo, you will increase visibility and recognition of your products.

Compile a coherent and impactful message by integrating the logo into a smart marketing campaign. Observe the metrics and make results profitable!