For a while now, I’ve had this old antique looking phone that I found for cheap at the thrift store. My original plan was to decorate it and leave it somewhere, and I will probably still do that, but then I came up with another idea. It was a two part interactive installation.
I had a big sign up by the water in Fells Point that said “HOLD THE PHONE… WHAT’Sย UP?!” and then a list of instructions.

1) Stand on X
2) Hold the phone
3) Pose for picture
4) Write what’s up
5) Put paper in box

I had a box ready for people’s submissions, as well as paper, pens, and a pink X. Oh, and of course the phone. I didn’t tie anything down, except for the zip ties on the bulletin board. Everything was just as I left it when I came back, and that made me really happy. It counteracted the feelings I had when I had my first disposable camera stolen the day before. ๐Ÿ™

All of the papers that I provided were used up and people actually started using their own paper! That made me really happy. It was a whole stack of those Guest Check papers that servers use. I’ve scanned in some of my favorites.
And here are some more:
It’s cold as ice
Visiting best friend! (from new jerz!) 3>
Visiting and talking with my ex (first love) long divorced and chatting up the water taxi man
What’s up from Richmond VA 3>
NM. Just chillin’. You?
The sky!!!
Just hanging out delivering chocolates in Fells Point.
What’s up! Go and tell that homeboy!
Hey, how are you? Going for a run w/ my sister! New to Baltimore. Jennie is in school. hi
Nobody answered… Jenny ๐Ÿ™‚
Got directions to some fierce art Loring’s place danced and bought art
“Rape’s up 12%” – Community
str8 chillin every day is what’s up be a good person
He said he was hurting, but since I talked to him, he felt stronger. ok. ๐Ÿ™‚
What’s up you?
Did 1 mile run!
Bitches be like shit is popping up in this motha’ fucka’
I LOOOVE Lucy 3>
I’m having a super awesome week with friends. There’s a dude playing chess.
What’s up? Living on the dock here at Fells Point. s/v Mimi Rose 3>
Homicide rates
There were nineย people who just wrote the words “what’s up”. Matt says it’s because they were saying it back to me. Because that’s what people do when you ask them that in real life. Either way, I love you all. I was ecstatic when I realized that the box was full and I thank all of you who participated.
I wish that I had asked people to e-mail me their pictures, but it was still wonderful.