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Social media comes with plenty of benefits to its users. From meeting new people, finding job prospects, posting view and aiding communication among others. However, it creates more harm than good which people are not willing to admit. Without knowing, you can easily become isolated, lost in the world of social media and seek online approval in anything you do in life. Are you still debating if social media is a boon or bane? Below we highlight several problems that a user may face when addicted to social media:

1. Decreased sociability

In as much as you may argue that social media is a place to meet friends from across the globe, you tend to alienate from people around you. This includes family and children. Relying on social media for your communication makes it less and less for you to hold a conversation face to face. This is because you become so much focused on typing than improving the spoken conversation. You become reserved and an introvert as opposed to those who prefer traditional mode of communication. To have good social skills it’s important to minimize time spent on social media.

2. Lowered productivity

Social media addicts procrastinate activities just to see what’s trending in their platform of choice. As a result, money and time of precious productivity are lost. You can hardly spend any productive hour doing a creative activity. Children hooked to social media hardly find time to do homework or school project which results in lower grades.

3. Loss of family time

Everybody within a family setup has a phone tablet or computer. Parents check out their social media accounts for the latest news or what their friends are up to. Children, on the other hand, are posting funny selfies all while at the dinner or living room together. Loss of family interaction is the worst problem that social media users face. Why not use social media to an advantage? You can go through outdoor play equipment Australia reviews. Here, you can settle on choosing equipment that will turn your backyard into a playground. You can make memories by reconnecting in play tents, swings or bicycle riding.

4. Increased anxiety and stress

Everybody likes to keep up with the latest news feed or trend. Thus the need to have a notification on if a new item pops up. These notification noises act as a distraction when one is doing work or homework. The problem arises when one is anxious to check what the latest trend is or if what they have posted online has received likes. A person can develop stress if their items are ignored online. It’s vital that one should turn off all notifications coming from social media to reduce anxiety and stress

5. Living a fake life

There are a lot of people faking it in social media to get likes and more views. This appears as a norm and nobody is clearly stating that it’s a big menace. The result is that people lose sight of reality. People take pictures with their latest houses, cars or trips which are not true. Some of this stuff happens in showrooms where they take pictures and post to make others jealous.


Everyone can easily avoid these social media problems easily. You can simply check out outdoor play equipment Australia reviews and see which outdoor activity can capture a child’s and family imagination and reduce robot-like personality. This creates balance in life and it’s a good chance to reconnect as a family.