Did you know that September 8th is Banana Day? I love bananas a lot, but I actually hate all artificial banana flavors and food with bananas in them. Weird, right? Is anyone else like that?

Here are 10 ideas for you to celebrate Banana Day!

1. Put googly eyes on bananas in the grocery store

Happy Banana Day | Uncustomary

2. Bake banana bread

3. Wear a banana costume

4. Buy a giant inflatable banana

Happy Banana Day | Uncustomary

5. Write a love note on a banana peel

6. Buy a banana hanger for your kitchen because you’re fancy

7. Cut the top peels of a banana to look like a dolphin’s mouth and draw eyes on it

Happy Banana Day | Uncustomary

8. Watch Evil Hate Monkey perform banana-themed burlesque routines

9. Put a sign that says “Happy Banana Day” in the banana section of the grocery store

10. Wear a Speedo, AKA “banana hammock”

What other ways can you celebrate Banana Day?