It’s the end of July…but that’s okay! It’s time to reflect on this month. When I looked over everything in my Happy Journal last night, July 1st seems really long ago but also like it disappeared quickly. Did this month fly by for you? July usually goes by fast for most.
In case you haven’t received an e-mail or text from me asking you to tell me your Top Ten Things from July, please comment with those here or send me an e-mail! I’d love to know.


I’m obviously in the habit of reflecting on the wonderful things of the past four weeks, but earlier this month, Lavinia messaged me about celebrating the beginning of a new one! I think that’s a great idea too, of course! So I’ll remind you tomorrow to go look at her post about August 2012.. the only one we’ll get!


On that same note, would you like to send me one or two pictures (from your month) that I can turn into a photo collage? Just e-mail them to me!
Without further nonsense, allow me to share what my top ten things for July have been.. and I promise that I will still consider today in case something amazing/top ten worth happens before I fall asleep tonight. 🙂