The new year has just rolled in but Coles is already making waves with eye-catching discounts on a lot of its items. For one, it has even recently (as recent as 2020, in fact) adopted a 50% off weekly policy for select grocery items, a move that most of its competitors are not bold enough to make. One of these rivals is German-based brand Aldi, which has slowly been rising in popularity in recent years. And these moves by Coles are obviously a direct response to it.

That said, there is no better time to drop by your local Coles store than now, especially if you have some post-holidays celebrations you have in mind (nothing beats a good Aussie barbecue feast in summer). Even if you haven’t got anything planned, these discounts are just too good to miss out on. For your ready reference, we will list down the most notable discounts for this week, so you will not have to go through. If you do have time, do take a look at their catalogues for this week to really dive into the catalogue that has gotten the retail industry abuzz

A Couple of Tips Before You Start

  • We highly encourage that you go through the catalogues yourself so you will have a really good overview of the deals. Mind the items that are labeled with “Only at Coles” because these are basically items that are being offered with exclusively low prices, making them bona fide money savers. They are often items that are come at ½ costs too. 
  • While not all items included in the catalogue have price cuts, pretty much all of them are being sold for relatively reduced prices. This is evidenced by the red “Every Day Low Price” label strewn across the catalogue. 


Plenty (if not all) of Coles supplements are being offered with 50% price slashes. While studies have revealed that you can make do without supplements if you are generally of good health, it’s a different story for those with specific deficiencies due to a particular condition. So definitely grab this opportunity if you or your loved ones happen to need them. 

Fish oil is a great supplement for heart health and it just so happens that Nature’s Own Odourless Fish Oil is currently being offered for $15 only, down from $30. Other discounted supplement items that we recommend include Swisse Ultiboost Magnesium, Calcium + D3 ($12.50), Centrum for Men and Centrum for Women ($10), and Nature’s Own Glucosamine Sulfate ($15). These, more or less, are solid supplements being offered for bargain prices.

Keep an Eye Out for Discounted and Low-Cost Natural and Healthy Food Items

You will notice that plenty of produce on Coles is rarely offered with price cuts. This is why even the $1 off from the pistachios this week is already a good deal, considering the proven health benefits of the said nut. 

La Espanola olive oil is selling for only $4.50, and you probably know by now that olive oil is one of the healthiest oils for various purposes. For some healthier snacking, go for Vege Deli Crisps, which sells for only $2.75. 

Additionally, cereal lovers should consider Be Natural’s Cashew, Almond, Hazelnut, and Coconut cereal because an entire box is just selling for $2.75, and you get to have cereal with all-organic ingredients that are packed with nutrition from the said nuts and other natural ingredients as well. 

Incidentally, the Greek yogurt from Farmer’s Union may not be discounted but it is still guaranteed to be low-priced. This is the best kind of yogurt for health so if you have not added it to your diet, there is no better time than now, assuming you are not a vegan. 

You can compare the produce sold elsewhere to the ones on Coles and there may be a few that aren’t any different but there are definitely others that sell for a few dollars less so it’s still worth purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables from them. 

Half-Price Snack Items

If you would like to indulge in sweets every once in a while, then know that plenty of chocolate bars like Mars and KitKat are being offered with 50% off discounts as well. Now might be the best time to grab a couple more to give as treats to the kids, but be sure to not go overboard. 

The same goes for Sunbites Grain Waves (sour cream flavor) and Natural Chip Co. potato chips. If these happen to be your favourite snacks then you are in luck. Otherwise, now is the best time to try them out. 

Want to take a bite of heavenly ice cream without paying a fortune for it? Know that Häagen-Dazs Salted Caramel 3-pack ice cream has a half-priced tag as well, now costing only $5.

Poultry Takes the Spotlight

Plenty of poultry items are well-worth checking out as well. Steggles Chicken Breast Tenders 400g is on the list with a price tag of only $3.97. This is the crumbed variety so for those who like that extra crunch when biting into these protein-packed tenders will surely love them. 

Also of note is Luv-a-Duck’s frozen whole duck, which will make for a perfect roast, among other ways of cooking this bird. Regardless of what you decide, $11.50 for a duck that weighs more than 2kg. is definitely a bargain in our book. 


There are definitely other great deals in the catalogue but these are the ones that simply stood because of their quality and price.

The fact that these 50% off discounts do not readily translate to profit for Coles speaks volumes about the lengths that the supermarket company is willing to go just to stay ahead of the retail race. Make no mistake, these deals are being offered simply to attract more people, who the company hopes will decide to purchase more full-priced items once they start strolling through Coles’s aisles. 

With that said, if there is one thing to thank for these huge price cuts, it is good, old brand competition. And there’s definitely more coming on the horizon as the battle between these Australian retail giants continues.