Daily Celebrations: Every Moment is Magic

Hello there, baby cakes!  This is Jaclyn, aka the Confetti Monster!  I was so very honored when dear and wonderful and colorful Mary asked me to write a guest post for her fabulous blog!  So…here goes!

As the Confetti Monster, I firmly believe in at least two things (okay, obviously I believe in way more than two things, but I’m trying to make a point here): one, that life is excruciatingly lovely, and two, that life is terrifyingly meaningful.  That’s how I came up with my personal mantra, EVERY MOMENT IS MAGIC.  I believe in that so terribly firmly that I even have it tattooed on my collarbone.  My goal here today is to inspire you to celebrate like every single effing day is, indeed, magic.

Let’s start with the overused “live life to the fullest” or “YOLO” ideas—though painfully cliché, there’s a reason for that: they are so very true, because, according to yet another trite saying, “life is short”.  And I think we all know that, yet days/hours/moments go by that we miss because we’re too busy or too worried about what other people think or—gasp! the worst enemy yet—we’re too bored.  I challenge you, then, to be conscious of the following:

Learn to savor each taste/kiss/laugh/compliment/hug/glance with a stranger/moment of feeling beautiful/appreciation for the miracle we call our bodies.  Our world is so full of places to explore and people to love and moments to create, I pray that you’re never bored or run out of things to do.  Find happiness, and don’t let that go.

Don’t be afraid to do or wear or be whatever it is that makes YOU, dear and darling baby cakes, happy.  Something you should just go ahead and accept right now is that people will ALWAYS judge you.  No matter what you do.  So, knowing that you can’t possibly please everyone, why don’t you just please yourself?  Don’t worry about trends and eff the haters.  Do you, you beautiful beast, and do you well.

Mary actually came up with this nickname!  Adorable, right?!

Join in on the party that is life, don’t just watch!  I promise, you won’t regret it.  No one’s sorry they jumped onto the dance floor or gave that stranger a compliment that sparked into a memorable conversation or ventured deeper into the forest to see some wild animal do some wild animal thing (because nature is cool, man).

With that being said, if what makes you truly happiest is observing and you just wanna watch, well then damnit, that’s cool, too.

Find what makes YOU happy and fuhgedabout the haters

Another way to celebrate and honor your precious moments is to document them.  The best part about documentation is that there are basically a bazillion ways to do this.  Start a blog (Mary can vouch for this one, of course!) or write in a notebook or doodle in a sketchbook or tape findings in a journal or pen short stories or make music.  Document your radical and exquisite life, baby cakes!

Document your radical and exquisite life, baby cakes!

Finally, it is incredibly important that you carry a pouch/pocketful/vial/stash of confetti (glitter will do, too) with you wherever you go—a mini celebration (what is a mini celebration, you ask? Mexican Chocolate Paleta popsicle at the farmers market! Hugging your BFF whether you haven’t seen her in months or hours! Laughing so hard your side hurts! Finishing a super intense workout! Scoring great finds at a thrift shop!  You get it, yeah?) might erupt wherever you find yourself, and what better way to celebrate than with a dash of confetti to blizzard upon the heads of all parties involved?

VERY IMPORTANT daily necessity

Happy Celebrating like Every Moment is Magic, baby cakes!


Jaclyn the Confetti Monster

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Mexican Chocolate Paleta popsicle = celebration alert!

Thanks so much, Jaclyn! I love your work, spirit, and life choices.