Putting your happiness solely in the hands of other people is not a great way to live life. It’s fine to enjoy someone else’s company, it’s wonderful to want to be with them (and for them to want to be with you), but being by yourself and making yourself happy has to come first. If you can do that, then meeting someone else to share things with becomes much less of a priority, which can lead to meeting not just anyone but the right one. So if you like the idea of enjoying your own company, whether you’re in a relationship or not, here are some great date ideas to go on by yourself or with others.

The Cinema

Going to the cinema by yourself is a truly liberating experience. You can pick the movie without worrying whether the other person is going to like your choice or not and you can get whatever snacks and drinks you want (plus you won’t have to share them either). If you’re worried about looking like a loner, try out a matinee first before moving onto an evening showing when you realize that no one is fussed about whether you’re there with someone or not. However, the cinema is also a great place for you and your friends to experience a wonderful movie and discuss it afterwards.

Take An Evening Class

Many couples enjoy doing things together and those things can include an evening class or workshop. So if couples enjoy it, you should too. Check out your local community college or the noticeboards around your town and you’ll soon spot a lot of different opportunities from learning a new language or instrument to all kinds of artistic endeavors. Try a one off workshop to begin with and then sign up to a full semester if it seems like something you’ll enjoy.

An Escape Room

Escape rooms are fantastic fun and don’t require a big crowd to enjoy them either (although crowds are welcome if you prefer). The aim of an Evansville escape room is to work out puzzles that will help you escape from a locked room. You’ll have a time limit and it’s all down to you to work it out and gain your freedom. An escape room will definitely get the Adrenalin pumping and the brain working, and is ideal for you and a group of friends to experience.

A Breakfast Date

A breakfast date can be an amazing way to start the day. You’ll need to get up a little earlier than usual and be ready to leave the house before your day to day routine would normally suggest, but it will be worth it when you’re sitting in your favorite little café eating a delicious breakfast and everyone else is still stilling in traffic.

If you can find a place to eat that’s on your way to work or even near to your office then that’s even better because it will mean you don’t have to rush through your food and coffee to get to work on time.

A Museum

If there is an exhibition on at a local museum that particularly interests you, take yourself there on a date. Treat yourself. Especially if you don’t know anyone who’s into the same thing as you are. You can really take your time and you won’t feel rushed or have to worry that the person you’re with is bored.