Kitchens are one of the most high-traffic areas in the home and the room that adds the most resale value. Remodeling the kitchen and adding modern, designer-inspired elements can make the room more functional, atmospheric, and valuable.

If you’re planning a kitchen upgrade, get creative with your design scheme. Here are six tips for your next kitchen remodel, especially if you’re considering Kitchen remodelling in Perth. Here are six tips for your next kitchen remodel.

Create Dimension with Storage

Cabinets dominate the kitchen space, yet we tend to consider them mere storage rather than a design component. Cupboards can overwhelm the space and directly impact the cleanliness and organization of your kitchen. Instead, consider how you can break up the monotony and create dimensions with varying storage options.

For example, white shaker kitchen cabinets are a common cabinet choice among designers as they’re neutral, bright, and modern without being sterile or unwelcoming. Consider adding a few glass cabinet drawers to break up the wall of white, as well as open shelving with artfully arranged dishes and utensils for a pop of color. This variability will break up the room and improve the flow in your kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen with a custom design from a skilled kitchen cabinet maker sydney. Create a space that’s both beautiful and functional. 

Select Uncommon Art

Many people display mass-produced or thematic art in the kitchen: scenery, floral prints, or coffee shop signs, to name a few examples. However, designers are moving away from the traditional trappings to display bold, unique art that doesn’t necessarily fit the kitchen theme. 

Choose a piece that contrasts your color scheme, like a red abstract acrylic painting in an all-white kitchen. Display a gallery wall of splash pages from your favorite comic series over the breakfast nook or a local photographer’s image of the starry sky in triptych form. 

The point is to choose an artistic display that resonates with you and stands out rather than defaulting to what “should be” displayed in a kitchen.

Add a Contrasting Island

Another great way to add contrast in a kitchen is to choose a contrasting color for the island rather than matching the cupboards. This design motif is an evolution of the two-tone kitchen that’s falling out of fashion. Get creative and add a dark espresso-toned island in a white kitchen or make it pop with a jewel tone finish. Elevate your kitchen’s style with sleek and modern brass kitchen handles. Add a touch of timeless elegance to your space.

Opting for a softer wood or bamboo finish is another excellent way to add richness and texture in an ultra-modern kitchen. If your décor theme leans toward Scandinavian influences, consider this option as your point of contrast to soften the room.

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Get Bold with Metallics

Leave chrome finishes in the past where they belong, and go bold with your metallics. Choose a finish that complements your kitchen décor scheme. Rather than traditional chrome, consider:

  • brass
  • brushed gold
  • rose gold
  • antique copper
  • matte black

Choosing a unique shade or finish for your metallics will also help you create consistency in accent elements throughout the room, namely your faucets and fixtures.

Install Accent Lighting

Lighting is another design element that’s gone through several iterations over the years, varying between being a key feature and something that fades into the background. Designers are revisiting kitchen lighting as a standalone décor piece, often contrasting from the overall look and feel of the room.

Consider adding statement or accent lighting to change the look and feel of your kitchen. Add wall sconces, faux candelabras, or a bubble chandelier. Consider adding various lighting elements so you can adjust the room’s atmosphere for entertaining purposes.

Hide Appliances

Many designers are hiding appliances to improve the flow of a kitchen while optimizing storage. Put recessed plugs and trundle cabinets in place to store small appliances while adding custom cabinetry around the microwave, dishwasher, and even the fridge.

With these creative design ideas, you can breathe new life into your kitchen, making it the heart of your home.