I haven’t even opened up WordPress in days. Days. I’ve barely opened my laptop, actually. My weekend was consumed with practicing + preparing for/attending the best Christmas party of all time (more later) and glitter pills.

What are glitter pills?

Glitter pills are just a fun and kitschy novelty item that is absolutely perfect for gifts. It’s the ultimate stocking stuffer for your friends who add color to your life and this world in general.

What Are Glitter Pills?!

The internet recently recirculated the article about taking glitter pills to make your poop sparkly, so the sparkle pills I had up for sale in my Etsy shop blew up. I’ve never sold so many things in one week. Or ever. Just ever. People from all over the world are going nuts over these little guys. I figured since it consumed eleven hours of my day today, that I might as well clue you in a little bit.

Right now I’m offering two options in a variety of colors:

Option A) Six glitter pills in a baggie
Option B) 10 glitter pills in a prescription bottle with a label

What Are Glitter Pills?!

I’m accepting requests for custom orders, so just message me on Etsy or e-mail me if you want something but don’t see it as a listing already. You can pay with a credit card or via PayPal.

And for being a blog reader, you can get 10% off if you order between now and Friday! Use the coupon code: blog2014 to get the discount.

let me seem them glitter pills!