In March 2020, offices and shops across the nation shut their doors. Many of us thought that we would be back within a few weeks but now after eight months, we are still sitting in our living rooms and looking for ways to get back to normality.

Thousands of people around the world celebrated the important events of this year from the boundaries of their homes. The holiday gatherings especially have been scaled down, with none of the Christmas markets or festivities that we are used to seeing each winter.

The break out of Covid 19 has completely changed the way we are allowed to celebrate.

Many people have lost their jobs and some of us have even lost loved ones too. Anxiety is everywhere; all of us are anxious and forced to live almost isolated from the rest of our communities. And at this time of year, everyone would usually gather to celebrate Christmas and New Year with their family and friends. But now , so many of us are forced to celebrate whilst sitting alone in our homes. Now we must look for ways to give gifts from a distance.

Homemade Items

Homemade gifts and cooking items are high in demand this season, as everyone is looking for more meaningful gifts for their loved ones. Specifically, those shoppers on a low budget or vulnerable members of society that are more restricted when going outside. Many retailers and online brands have followed this trend and have begun offering sentiments and handmade items for the giving season. If you are here to get some exciting ideas on what gifts you can send to your loved ones during the pandemic, why not look at sites like Pinterest to gather some ideas on what you could make yourself? Or if you simply don’t have time, shop on sites such as Etsy for personalized gifts that are handmade and sent straight to your door like a personalized book.

Examples of excellent personalized gifts include embroidered cotton or linen handkerchiefs, engraved tumblers or mugs, customized phone cases, and name jewelry.

Practical Gifts

First, think about what kind of gift you want to send them. During the pandemic it is a great idea to send gits that are meaningful but can also help them out with their everyday needs. Send them some warm pajamas for the time spent indoors, or some cozy slippers for the cold nights. Food items are a great gift to send to cheer someone up during this chaotic time. If you would rather not send food, why not cooking appliances or home accessories? Brighten up the space around them and make staying in the house not as dreadful as it can be. To help them destress, gift them facemasks or even better, hand sanitizer! You can assemble an entire pandemic care package consisting of a set of KN95 disposable face masks, a box of medical-grade nitrile gloves, a kit of hand sanitizers, essential oils, and delicious treats. Perhaps you can also add a bottle of fine wine for relaxation. But if you really want to go the extra mile for someone you love, get them a Just Eat voucher online or even a gift card for their favorite restaurant (when they are open). Just because we are restricted to staying indoors, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate in some way.

Online Gifts

You can also send them gift cards for a range of their favorite shops or brands. Help them spend their newly found spare time online shopping, instead of going out to busy shopping centers or retail parks. Let them choose their own gift, whether it be some new extravagant jewelry or just sweatpants for lying around the house. If you would prefer to go out shopping for their gifts, be sure to avoid peak times and always wear your mask!

Another suggestion would be to order items ahead and pick their perfect gift from the online store to minimize your time in public. Although we all love a shopping spree, now is not the time to be walking around stores for hours looking for a gift. Make it easy by shopping online!

Online shopping is the solution to many of our problems during the pandemic as we can still shop in millions of stores and even send the item straight to the receiver’s home. Although we are surrounded by social distancing and mask-wearing, this doesn’t have to stop the world turning and we can still find ways to enjoy special occasions with each other. Why not ask the recipient of your gift to open it over a facetime call instead? This way we can all stay safe without missing out on that much-needed contact.

Gifts for Those Who Need Them Most

You may not be looking for a gift for a specific person, maybe just a way to give. Now is the perfect time to give back to the community and perhaps donate gifts to those who need them, such as a food bank or children’s charity. There are many important causes set up to help contribute to the most vulnerable members of our society. During this financial crisis caused by Covid-19, many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to find work, or even the means to feed their children. It is very quick and easy to donate to any of these charities online. But if you would like to be more involved, places like food banks and children’s gift charities would happily take donations of groceries or presents for children, whose parents cannot afford to get them anything for Christmas. You may also want to donate items like this to people you know that have been affected by the current economic climate or are required to self-isolate. Even just making their favorite food and leaving it at their door could make a huge difference while they recover.