The meaning of happiness is one of the universe’s greatest mysteries. When you tell a friend that you might not be happy with your life, they may make some suggestions that can help, but realize that they are on the outside looking in. The family might even notice when you’re looking depressed and downtrodden and make assumptions about why you don’t appear to be fulfilled. The truth is that if you aren’t moving in the direction that you want your life to be going, no amount of outside help, influence, or support is going to increase your level of happiness. For example, working as furniture store manager instead of going to the University of Cincinnati to study behavioral analysis will have you always wondering if you made the right decision with your life. Being happy revolves around finding out what your life’s purpose is.

Stop Listening To Other People

No, you shouldn’t fire your therapist if you have one or cut off communication completely with nosey relatives. When you literally stop listening to other people, you are no longer taking their highly personal advice to heart. In short, when you listen to other people’s suggestions on how to become happier, they’re mostly just telling you what makes them happy. Having someone tell you to go on a vacation or treat yourself to a shopping spree is going to sound strange if you are not a particularly rich or materialistic person. Likewise, going on a hike through the woods won’t sound appealing if you’re not into the outdoors.

Realize It’s Never Too Late To Become Happy

With programs like the University of Cincinnati Online, you can go to college at 18 or 85. It’s never too late to take up a sport, learn how to cook, or even have kids. The only limitations on people are the limits that they place upon themselves. Analyze your own behaviors by looking at the mental blocks that you have inside of your mind. Only then will you be able to start feeling happier and living more freely.

Happiness Is Listening To That Inner Voice

As unlikely as it may seem, even if you are starting late in the game, you can and should pursue your dreams. Of course, there’s the question of practicality. You might not really be happy if you are living hand to mouth because you quit your job as a banker to become a traveling poker player. On the other hand, there is probably a happy medium that will enable you to go after your dreams without putting your livelihood at risk. Alternatively, you can wait for the day that going full speed after your dreams becomes a reality as well.

There isn’t much else to living a happier life than listening to your gut and avoiding stifling your spirit. You know when you aren’t happy at work, but you probably stay because you don’t think that there’s anything else better out there or because you lack stability. Remember that becoming happier can be a big gamble, but if you are doing what you love then the journey itself will make you fulfilled.