Today is Get To Know Your Customers Day! I thought it would be a good time to share some of the results I got from the survey I ran a while back. It was really interesting to read what was submitted, especially since it’s all anonymous. I’m curious to hear your reactions to the results. Does the following information describe you pretty accurately? Or are you certain there’s no way your answers were submitted because you can’t identify with anything listed here?

  • 32% of Uncustomary Art readers are between the ages of 25 and 30
  • 63% of you have your own blogs
  • 57% of you would be interested in purchasing an Uncustomary Art product in the future

As far as features, it seems like most are evenly liked. Street Art, General Creativity, and Snail Mail are the most popular, and Bug and Weekly Happiness Lists are tied for fourth place.

The two most popular occupations that you entered were some sort of teacher or health care provider. There were also a significant number of online shop owners, students, and general office workers.

I asked what you like to shop for, and the top three answers were craft and art supplies, paper goods and stationery, and (sparkly) clothing.

The most popular favorite show was Dr. Who, followed by Arrested Development. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Parks And Recreation tied for third place.

Other blogs that you enjoy reading are generally art journal themed, handmade goods, and DIY/crafts.

Two other things I asked about were how long you’ve been a reader and what you look for in a good blog. Those answers were especially interesting. Some people had only found Uncustomary Art a week before they took the survey, and some have been following along for years, or “since before it was Uncustomary Art”. Things you look for in a blog are:

  • Innovative content
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Good “About” page
  • Easy to read
  • Fabulous photos
  • Solutions to problems

I will say that I can definitely identify with the majority of my readers. Your favorite things to shop for are my favorite things to shop for. I read the same type of blogs, am the same age, and have worked both as a teacher and in the health field. It seems we’re drawn to what we identify with, and maybe that’s why you guys enjoy my space on the internet. If we’re true to our own interests, it’s easier to find people we can connect with. And honestly, I obviously need to watch Dr. Who because I’ve never really watched it and you all love it, so I’m sure I’ll love it too.