I’ve always thought that someone’s shoe choice can give you a better idea about a person than any other article of clothing or accessory. Shoes are things you need to commit to. They need to get you around during the day. They take you on your adventures.

Are you someone who is practical with your footwear? Do you prefer comfort and practicality over fashion and glam? The opposite? Do you have just a few pairs that can meet any need you might have, or do you have an excessive amount (like me)?

Today, I’m going to share photos of all of my shoes. the only ones I didn’t photograph are the flimsy plastic flip flops you can get for very cheap at Old Navy. Some of these shoes I’ve had for over a decade, and some just arrived in a box on my front stoop last week. Some of them were less than $10, and some are embarrassingly expensive. Some are comfortable, and some give me blisters within five minutes. Some are worn down from the amount of adventures they’ve taken me on, some have laces, and many have glitter.

I think my shoe collection does a pretty good job of expressing my personality. Lots of color and sparkle, but nothing classically fancy. You’ll notice there are no heels. If I can’t dance in my shoes, they’re not coming out with me for a night on the town.

Did you know I danced for 11 years? Like for real? Modern, lyrical, tap, dance, hip hop, ballet, jazz, everything. Hip hop is always a fun way to get out a lot of energy while dancing! Check out The 7 Best Shoes for Dancing Hip Hop in 2019.

My favorite pair are the black flats featured at the top of this post. They have yarn sewn on them, are super comfortable, and have a great frame for my mermaid. They were from ModCloth but, unfortunately, are falling apart. I wish I could replace them, but I’m grateful for the times we’ve had.

What’s your favorite kind of shoe?