Since I’ve been doing street art and leaving things around for strangers, I’ve felt much better about using the supplies that I have. I’ve always had a big problem with pretty much hoarding my possessions because maybe I might need them “later” or for something “better”. Street art has kind of broken that barrier for me, and I’m actually enjoying using the items that I have for complete strangers.

One of the ways that I did this recently was creating samples of different types of cards. Greeting cards, flash cards, playing cards, business cards, etc. All types of paper, all different purposes. I created about seven stacks of these samples and put them inside a note card in which I wrote: “Hello there stranger! There are all types of cards. Some for games, some for education, some to send a good thought. I hope you enjoy the random assortment I’ve given you today.”
Then I left them around Baltimore.
Can you think of more ways to use cards?