Five Ways You Can Pamper Yourself At Home On Your Own Schedule | Uncustomary

Everybody needs a spa day. Not everyone has the luxury of taking time off to get away to a spa. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be pampering ourselves any way we can. It’s important to fit in some self-care sessions. That may mean simply carving out a few hours during the week to focus on looking and feeling good. Are you looking for some ideas for how to practice self-care techniques from the comfort of home? Take a look at five ways to pamper your mind, body and soul when you’re short on time.

Relax With a Natural Facial

Pampering yourself means finding ways to put your freshest face forward! An all-natural face mask is a great way to create a spa experience at home. The big do-it-yourself mask trend of the moment is the banana mask. It turns out that bananas are actually great for adding nourishing moisture to your skin. It just takes one medium-sized banana that you mash up into a smooth, paste-like substance. You can then apply that sweet-smelling paste all over your face and neck. Feel free to add a dab of honey to the mask if you’re looking for a natural way to get some acne-fighting power. You can leave the mask on for anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. There’s a good chance that you’re really going to go bananas for how your skin looks afterward!

Make a Sugar Body Scrub

You may be surprised to learn that you never noticed that the best exfoliation agent ever has been hiding in your baking cupboard this entire time. Sugar is an amazing exfoliation agent because of its naturally gritty texture. The big benefit of ditching those pricey products from the store in favor of a homemade sugar scrub is that sugar is so inexpensive! You can essentially make each batch of sugar scrub for pennies!

It’s only going to take a few minutes to concoct your amazing scrub. The secret to creating a firm mixture that you can rub on your body is to add melted coconut oil to your sugar! Start by adding a small amount of melted coconut oil to a cup of sugar. You can keep pouring the oil until you get a consistency you like. The fun part comes next! This is where you add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The scent of the oil you choose is really going to come alive as you’re lathering up in the shower. What’s more, the gorgeous scent is going to stay on your skin all day. Lavender and lemon are both great options for body scrubs because they are so fresh!

Enjoy an Herbal Bath Tea

Calling all people who need to wash away the stress after a long day! Don’t you just love the way a warm mug of herbal tea can make all your cares melt away? You can actually amplify that experience with an herbal bath tea! The big difference is that an herbal bath is going to allow the soothing power of the tea to soak into your skin and surround your tense muscles. How does an herbal bath tea work? The concept is very similar to the way you steep tea inside a mug. However, the “mug” you’re working with here is actually your bathtub. You can whip up your own signature herbal blend that can be placed inside a muslin drawstring bag or double layer of tied cheesecloth. Some people even just use an old pair of pantyhose! Dried rose petals, lavender, chamomile, calendula, sage, peppermint and lemon peel are all great options if you want a fragrant, luxurious experience.

Try a Hair Mask

Need to wash a bad day right out of your hair? You can ditch the pricey treatments in favor of a do-it-yourself hair mask that’s going to totally transform your hair. One of the best natural hair treatments around is the avocado mask. This mask is such a powerhouse because avocados are full of protein, folic acid, copper, iron, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin, D and Vitamin E. Those happen to be all the “beauty” vitamins! This mask can help to promote growth and nourish your split ends. Simply mix one egg, one avocado and a small bit of high-quality olive oil. You’ll then want to work the mixture all over your hair. Let your mask sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly!

Get Your Supplements On

Pampering yourself isn’t always about getting a one-time pick-me-up session. It’s also important to think about the long game. That’s why supplements are such powerful self-care tools. Here’s a look at some of the supplements people are loving right now:

  • Sugarbear gummies are being discovered for the way they can supercharge nail and hair growth. This is an aid that’s all about fostering beauty from the inside by getting the right nourishment. It’s so easy to add a gummy to your daily routine if you’re looking for a way to get some extra glow!
  • CBD oil definitely has some buzz surrounding it right now. However, you’re actually looking at a natural, widely used product that can improve overall health and wellness. Using CBD oil pills is a great way to get a measured amount of that CBD oil everyone is buzzing about. It’s easy to just start with a lower strength and adjust until you get the results that suit you.
  • ZMA is a mineral supplement comprised of zinc, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6. It may offer that boost you’re looking for if you’re tired of dragging!

Feeling your best is always about focusing on both the inside and the outside. Seeing what some popular supplements can do for you is a great way to make sure you’re feeling your best until you can book that next spa day! The good news is that it’s so easy to include some simple supplements in your daily routine.

Getting Serious About Pampering Yourself

We hear a lot of talk about taking care of ourselves. However, very few of us actually prioritize giving ourselves that extra care and attention our bodies deserve. Challenge yourself to see just how good life can feel when you’re taking care of the whole picture that makes up who you are!