The reason that I haven’t updated about my Finish This Book progress is because I haven’t made any. I’ve been doing a little bit recently and I’m enjoying it. I think what holds me back is that I can’t move forward or skip things. Some things I can’t do until the next day or I obtain a specific resource and then I lose my steam, which sucks. But I am following the rules.

I wanted to share part of a recent assignment from the book, which was to do some normal daily activities, but with my eyes closed.

I decided to brush my hair, brush my teeth, put in a hair clip, put on deodorant, and apply lipstick. The easiest part was putting on deodorant but that is because my shirt is baggy, otherwise it would have been brushing my hair. The hardest part was putting the lipstick wand back in the tube. The best part was I didn’t cheat at all. The worst part was that I was already almost out of toothpaste and I accidentally squeezed a whole bunch into the sink so now I need to go buy more.

In the past when I’ve tried to do tasks like this I always cheat. I don’t mean to (usually) but I just open my eyes when something gets difficult. I’m always tempted to peek visually.
Have you tried to do something without any of your senses?