Happy weekend time!!

For Christmas my boss, LaShandra, bought me Keri Smith‘s newest publication Finish This Book. I had discussed how I have started many art journals and never finished them and she wanted to support me in finally completing one.

I cut up paint swatches and haphazardly taped them
onto the page in a weird mosaic fashion.
This is new for me because I always try to do things in a
perfectionist way and never succeed so I tried to not be perfect.

This is the note that she wrote in the front of the book <3

I was obsessed with it the first few days and I did all of the beginning missions but when I hit one that required me to do something I’ve never done before I went on a mini hiatus (since part of the instructions of the book are to not skip any pages). Last night I got back into it and I must say that I am excited to be back on board.

Have you ever completed any of Keri Smith’s books like Wreck This Journal? Have you finished one of your own art journals?