Entertainment is something we all need in our lives. When you’ve got something to sit down and watch with unending interest, or you’ve got a good book to settle into and immerse yourself in, you’re going to feel happy and content for at least an hour or two. And sometimes, those are the best moments in our days! 

But a lot of the entertainment currently streaming online or on the TV box in front of us can seem lackluster, and we might not enjoy it at all. Maybe it’s a mood we’re in, or maybe we’ve grown out of a program or two – either way, the key is not to try and persevere through!

Instead, find something new to do; you deserve to feel good right now, and your entertainment should match you. So, here are some ideas to give you inspiration. 

Finding Entertainment That Actually Makes You Feel Better! | Uncustomary

Revisit Shows From Childhood and Beyond

You used to love a lot of different TV shows and films as a child, didn’t you? Well, now’s your chance to think about what programs or movies you haven’t seen since you were a little one or even a teenager! Because it could be a good time to revisit them, and realize why you fell in love with them, and see if there’s still a connection there. You could even just see how your taste has changed over the years, and how you’ve grown. 

A lot of us forget what we used to love and why we loved it, and who knows, you might even be able to find an online community of people who did the same once you sit through an entire re-watch again. Plus, if you feel the need to take a nap right now, or you want to put something on in the background, it’s this kind of entertainment that works best for lulling you into a relaxed and happy state. 

There’s Nothing Wrong with a Casual Video Game!

Casual video games might get a bad rep, because they don’t feature big, loud weapons and long arching story lines, but they can be a lot of fun and highly relaxing too. Nintendo Switch is also a nice relaxing console with a lot of casual titles and with their list of exclusive games you surely will be entertained by! If you’re someone who likes farming simulators, or you like walking simulators that allow you to take in the gorgeous video game world around you, be sure to look up the genre on a gaming platform or a console store right now. There’s plenty of sales on! 

And the casual factor doesn’t have to stop there – if you’re missing your favorite televised events right now, why not make some up yourself? So, if you’re currently asking yourself What sports events are still on, it’s time to jump in on the action yourself! Break out a video game that features your favorite sport, or buy one online for cheap, and then get to playing with full customization features and/or the players you love the most. You could also go the extra mile and snag a cheap 2020 soccer jersey to match your go to team. It’s a great way to pass the time and have fun whilst you do so, and you can even get anyone living with you in on the action fairly simply too. 

Try Getting On Your Feet

And finally, why not get on your feet and see where it takes you? Of course, you might not be able to go too far, but you could definitely get around your house and in your own back garden, if you have one! Because as humans, we love to move around, even if it gets us out of breath, and it’s a great way to defeat boredom and shed some of that excess energy that builds up after a while. 

So, why not think about what kind of outside games you could play? A kick about in your own yard could be a good way to kill an hour, or you could work on your gymnastics skills right now. If you’re not someone for sports, there’s still plenty you could do in the garden. Get on your knees and come up with a garden layout filled with flowers, or simply taking a book outside and sitting down with the sun on you could be a great way to soak up some Vitamin D and physically help yourself feel better too! 

What Kind of Entertainment Do You Like? 

Entertainment that makes you feel better doesn’t have to be few and far between. Don’t let yourself always watch sad shows or listen to sad music – stick something upbeat on, turn something off if it’s making you uncomfortable, and do yourself a favor right now!