Yesterday I shared the first ten trips (out of fifty) that I took to Baltimore this year. Now for the next ten!
Trip #11: March 16
Matt and I drove through the city and stopped in Mount Vernon to walk around. I had discovered the ISO setting on my camera that night and I got some pretty cool pictures of the buildings in that area.
Trip #12: March 19
I met Charlotte in Fells Point were we had drinks at a fancy bar because she knew the bartender. He made me the best pink drink I’ve ever had. Helen, Katie, and Andrew met us there and we walked down the block to the gelato place because Charlotte had a gift card (her treat!). I got raspberry and chocolate and we sat outside and had loud and inappropriate conversations. I saw a dog, his name was Carter.

Trip #13: March 24

This was the day that I heard “Call Me Maybe” for the first time. Charlotte put it on in the car as soon as I picked her up. We went to The Book Thing and then ate at Joe Squared (delicious crab pizza). We went to Graffiti Alley and had a bit of a photoshoot. This is me walking away dramatically. We also went to a convenience store that turned out to be half a wig shop, which was awesome.

Trip #14: March 29

This was the night I went to Sticky Rice and decided I never wanted to go again. I didn’t want to have to be drunk to enjoy myself around people. This, I think, was the turning point in the year. In my journal I wrote “Here’s to future creative experiences and interesting people.” And I think that was a good goal and prediction on my part.

Trip #15: April 7

Another drive with Matt where we never got out of the car. We listened to music and talked about people, life, and Bug. This is a beautifully lit store in Hampden.

Trip #16: April 15

This trip was meant specifically for the Book Thing, but we also went to Charles Street and I took pictures  of the new Open Walls mural. It’s (still) glorious! There was an Orioles game that day, and it was really crowded downtown.

Trip #17: April 18

Katie, Andrew, and I went to visit Charlotte at Bullpen where she worked. We stayed till she got off and then walked to her car where she had parked on top of a garage. It was so close to the huge clock tower and an amazing view. She accidentally dropped her parking pass and there was a bit of an aggressive argument with the parking attendants, but not before we had a dance party on the roof. We drove to Fells Point and walked to Bad Decisions, where they squeeze real fruit to put into your drinks. On the walk back to the car, we found this alley lit with twinkle lights and we twirled around to the soft music that was playing at 2am.

Trip #18: May 12

I met my penpal, Kate, for the first time at The Book Thing. We then drove to Panera in very north Baltimore where she had a Bookcrossing meet up. After that, Kate, her friend, and I went to American Visionary Art Museum (their first time)! And we only went to the gift shop. I bought a few things. I like showing AVAM to people for the first time.

Trip #19: May 13

The day that started it all! I installed my first yarnbombing, on the last day possible to be a part of the contest through Lovely Yarns. Matt came with me. I was not good at sewing (and I’m honestly still not). It was a really great feeling to know that I did that. I made that! And there it is.

Trip #20: May 17

This was the day that I was done with school! You can tell that, because here I am wearing my “no homework” pin. It was also Spirit Week at work, so I still had a big flower clip from Hawaiian Day. We did a few drinks at one bar, and then we walked to Charlotte’s friend Meg’s house, because she had to get her keys.. or something. Afterwards, we walked back to The Avenue and went to Frazier’s for a few more drinks.