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According to CYS, about 20% of teens don’t love their bodies. In life, you have to learn how to love yourself first. Self-love is unique and necessary for a quality life.

No one will ever love you more than you love yourself. Falling deeply in love with yourself is key to happiness. Let’s explore how you can do it!

9 Ways on How to Love Yourself First

As you love yourself, so will others. This article guides you on how to love yourself for a happy life. Read on!

1. Be Kind to Yourself

Kindness is a virtue that many people don’t possess. Being gentle to yourself is priceless and worthy. Life is full of emotions, pain, and hurt that you will have to endure.

How you turnaround any shortcomings that come your way is a huge determinant of happiness or sadness. It’s essential to love yourself even when berated by people close to you.

Self-kindness is vital during all stages of life. Being kind to oneself involves a lot of things;

  • giving yourself recognition
  • cultivating inner advocacy
  • promoting inner goodness
  • seeking spiritual guidance

It’s impossible to expect others to be kind to you while you aren’t kind to yourself. Being a good companion to yourself is a great act of self-kindness.

2. Get Healthy

Being healthy is not about how you look but how you feel. Making yourself healthy is a great deal of self-love. From the food you eat to your lifestyle, keeping everything healthy is worth the effort.

Getting fit, doing morning runs, and hitting the gym are all ways in which you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The things that make your body feel better matter a lot.

There is no better feeling than a fit, healthy body. When you pursue health, you will love yourself even much more.

3. Stop Caring About Looks

Are you short and chubby? Are you tall and thin? Do you have an irregular body shape?

How you look is nothing to worry about. Would it have been for you to choose, you’d have probably picked a better body. However, the way you are is the perfect definition of yourself.

Many people tend to obsess about body shape and looks. One thing you should know is that you were made uniquely and different from anyone else. Learn to embrace who you are, and happiness will surely come upon you.

4. Be Grateful Learn to Embrace Yourself

Always be grateful for whatever you have. Stop stressing over things that weren’t meant for you or that belong to others. Always count your blessings and see how much you have.

Being grateful creates room for happiness and contentment. Love whatever you have and aspire for more. Always remember that someone somewhere is looking forward to a life similar to yours.

You will love yourself even more after appreciating all the great things you have in life.

Loving yourself all the time is essential. You should appreciate yourself at all moments of life. Learn to live without fear, anxiety, judgment, and anger. Embrace your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Embrace yourself for any achievements you make, whether big or small. The process of self-love starts by embracing everything you have and being grateful.

5. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

One of the main mistakes that many people make is comparing to others. You should never compare yourself to someone else regardless of the situation. The reason why you should stop comparing to others is that your life is different from theirs.

Life is not a race where you compete with others. Whenever you compare yourself with others, there might come up with some form of hate. Know how to love yourself first and avoid making comparisons.

6. Create Strong Friendships

Friends play an important role in someone’s life. The people around you play a vital role in your life. Having good friends who are there for you at all times makes life better.

On the other hand, toxic friends might make life difficult for you. People who criticize too often or see the negative part of your life can make you develop some hate. If you build the right friendships, you will feel the value of life and inner love.

7. Let Go of Some Things

Holding on too much on things that weren’t for you hurts so much. You have to learn how to let go off some things and keep what deserves fits you. There is no need of holding onto anything that wasn’t yours.

Is it a stressful job? Is it a relationship or marriage that isn’t working? You have to learn how to let go of some things in your life. If there’s something that doesn’t make yourself happy, then you have to let it off your life.

This is a way of redefining and regaining the lost inner love.

8. Learn the Art of Moving on

Many people struggle to make move life situations. In many times, you have to learn how to move on and look for new things. Don’t stress over what is already lost.

Are you involved in a divorce? Had a heartbreak? Have you lost a loved one? The best thing is to move forward and look for other things in life that matter.

Moving over things that have happened or are irreversible will make you finder inner love.

9. Treat Yourself

Giving your body some lovely treats is an excellent way of promoting self-love. Whenever you feel things aren’t working out, you have to get some ways of treating yourself. Self-treats bring some relaxation and composure, and you can take out simple SSI loans for a trip or vacation.

You can hang out, play games, have fun, or even hike. You should always look for methods on how to treat yourself to build a greater inner love.

The Bottom Line

To live joyfully, you have to know how to love yourself first regardless of the underlying life conditions. There is no substitute for self-love, and all you can do is love yourself even much more.

It’s only you who has the key to the life you deserve.

Do you have any ideas on living a happy life? Feel free to share them with our readers.