Episode 17: Hev From CrossWordsNotWires On Mental Illness And Body Positivity | Uncustomary

When I found Hev on Instagram, there was something that spoke to me about her and I knew that I wanted her to be on the show! Hev is a mental health and body positive blogger and advocate who has been blogging for two years. She uses her own struggles and experiences to teach people about mental illness and accepting themselves in a world that demands they change.

On this podcast we’re talking about growing up with a mental illness (from child age!), growing up with parents with mental illness, how ignorance affects stigma, stigma specifically against Borderline Personality Disorder, the difficulties of separating your illness from yourself when you have a personality disorder, and some good old body positivity!

Be warned, besides all the heavy duty topics I list, we also briefly mention self-harm/cutting. I just wanted to add that in as a possible trigger warning. Enjoy!