Hey guys! It’s been a bit, but Michelle is here to check in with you on her Peacock Vows of sending beautiful mail year round in 2014! 

Two months, and I actually have something to show for it! My mail time has gone down to writing once a month, maybe twice if I have time. I’ve been extraordinarily busy the past few months but I’m happy I’m still making time for it. In January I said this year was all about making beautiful mail– but the truth is, it was about more than that. It was also important for me to try to find out mail’s ‘place’ in my life, and how much time I’m really willing to dedicate to it. Since I want everything I send out to be beautiful, I’ve got to keep in mind the extra time/effort it takes to make things!

Since we took off June for Mary’s birthday, we also took off August for mine. I’m 30 now!

I’ve been making stationery and learning how to print on different sized papers (and envelopes), and now I’m pretty comfortable with the process. In three months, Mary and I will post our last Peacock Vows posts! It’s so awesome that we’ve been at this for almost a year! I’m excited about how relevant mail has become in my daily life.

In July my family went to the beach, and the first thing I did when we got back was print some photos. I compiled them for each person/couple who went and made seven scrapbook-style square frames, wrapped them with a couple extra printed photos, and sent them all off. It was just about the only thing I sent in July, since it took so long to make all of them.

I also participated in the 24 Hour Zine Thing, since July is International Zine Month. I made a series of Monster Hunter (video game) inspired paper cuts, and from that I made some cute Monster Hunter stationery!

August was pretty quiet as well. This month I began a post series on my blog, appropriately– weekend projects! I spent a lot of August preparing for that, so I didn’t have much time to reply to letters. I did, however, send out a birthday parcel for my birthday twin Elana…

If you’d like to learn how to make an envelope like this, visit my DIY Envelopes post!

I also made this sea/explorer-inspired parcel for a new penpal I found through the creative people pen pal swap!

It was sent inside this awesome Crayola box, which is basically a coloring book box. Got it from Target for only $1! See how it got to her safely? Glad she loves it! Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3!

Also, during my birthday trip I made 10 postcards to (mostly) strangers detailing what I was seeing and thinking. See the rest of them here!

Those are the biggest highlights from the past few months. Here are a few more photos I actually remembered to take:

How has your mailing month been? Watch out for our Peacock Vows posts next month, because we’ll be doing the final Peacock Vows giveaway! It’s a big one, and we are both very excited for it.

xo Michelle!

Thanks so much for checking in, Michelle! I hope you all have been sending beautiful mail, too!