With the choice in latest trends and new clothing offering inspiration at every turn, it’s hard not to fall into the trap of buying into a style that could be a passing fad. The beauty of exploring your personality and discovering your own style is that you can use these everyday trends to add touches of individual flair to an outfit. These unique elements in a look give you something different from everyone else out there and can make you feel confident and happy with your style choices. Adding these touches are also super easy to do, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth to give you that much-needed boost.

Check out some simple ways in which you can switch up little elements in your wardrobe and overall look to add your own personality to the mix.


Changes to your style don’t have to be big to be noticeable. Small but subtle things can be introduced into your look, which is perfect for people experimenting with different style. The best way to introduce different elements to an outfit is by accessorizing effectively. Style items that show off areas of your personality such as vivid colors for a bubbly character or classic black for serious with a twist of sophistication. You can even go smaller with hints of unique jewelry that are special to you or explore tech accessories, which fit your lifestyle and look. For fashion and function, CustomEnvy.com has Galaxy S9 cases and a range of other styles to pair with your personality, hover here for more info.

Customize Your Clothing

There’s nothing wrong with buying the latest trends but have you considered giving them a unique touch with customization? There are so many easy ways to do this, however, it depends on your tastes. Check out some of these top ideas to add some flavor your wardrobe:

Upcycle Vintage

Vintage clothing is making a huge comeback at the moment, so it’s never been a better time to rework some of your old clothing to suit new looks. Vintage and pre-worn clothing is also available at thrift shops and can be used to add elements of vintage to modern trends. Something as simple as a cute vintage neck scarf can be used in a variety of ways from accessorizing a handbag, adding a feature to a belt or using as a tie for your hair. Vintage clothing is also great to add a unique twist to modern clothing, as pairing some funky 80’s acid wash Levi jeans with a cute tee gives simple styling an individual look.

It’s super easy to personalize your style while incorporating the outfits you love. These options are affordable too so you won’t have to worry about blowing the budget on looking and feeling great.