It’s not really a secret that the blogosphere is obsessed with doughnuts. Well, pretty much everyone. It’s like when people make jokes that cops love doughnuts I get confused because all I can think is, “Yeah because they’re also people, right?” Well, the first Friday in June is always Doughnut Day — so you get to officially celebrate all you want in harmony with the rest of the world today! Yay! (But obviously year-round celebration is also necessary as well.)

Doughnut Day | Uncustomary

There’s so many different types of doughnuts, ways to make them, decorate them, places to buy them, etc. I used to be head over heels for this little joint about fifteen minutes from my house called the Donut Shack. It was open twenty-four hours, which is an appeal on its own, but they also had this amazing Welch’s white raspberry grapefruit juice with the Snapple cap and I was basically addicted to the sound it made when it popped open. I guess I was more into the drink than the doughnut, but I also always got a doughnut while I was there, so who’s counting?

Doughnut Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate Doughnut Day

1. Visit a fancy gourmet doughnut shop and indulge the crap out of yourself
2. Make a list of as many doughnut puns as you can think of and then you can donut worry and be happy!
3. Bake and decorate a ton of different doughnuts and then lay them out to take a beautiful photo
4. Color in a circle with a whole cut out of it to create the most beautiful imaginary doughnut of all time
5. Just search for “donut” on Studio DIY and find all the amazing things you can make on theme
6. Check out your local Krispy Kreme location because they’re totally likely to give you a free treat
7. Lounge in a giant doughnut inflatable in a pool and soak up some Vitamin D
8. Throw a tea party and serve nothing but doughnuts, mini doughnuts, cakes decorated to look like doughnuts, etc.
9. Bring in doughnuts as a surprise snack for your coworkers
10. Dress like a doughnut and throw sprinkles at everyone whenever they say something nice

Doughnut Day | Uncustomary

Okay – Now for the big question! What’s your FAVORITE doughnut?!? Mine is raspberry jelly filled with white powder. Share yours below!

Top Photo: Dress – ModCloth // Tights – We Love Colors // Purse – Betsy Johnson // Shoes – Dollskill
Bottom Photo: Bikini Top – Forever21 // Headband – Neon Heartbreaker // Inflatable – BigMouth

Photos by: Maura Housley